Women’s soccer takes down Farmingdale

NYU women’s soccer senior forward Serra Tumay capped off a 3-1 home game win against Farmingdale State University by becoming NYU’s all-time leading point scorer.

“We are really proud of our teammate Serra for breaking the school record for points,” sophomore goalkeeper Meg Patten said. “She’s definitely a huge asset to our program on and off the team.”

“The game was great not only because we played a challenging team and came out on top, but also because we stuck to our game plan by capitalizing on set pieces,” said Patten.

Junior forward Erin Ahmed scored the Violets’ first goal in the 49th minute.


Soon afterwards, sophomore forward Cami Crawford brought their lead to two with a header in the 55th minute.

Finally, junior midfielder and captain Natalie Beach extended their lead by scoring the Violets’ third goal with another header in the 64th minute.

Defense was a key part of their win and a strategy the Violets know they have to keep up in future matches. In fact, some players saw some of the biggest growth in the team’s defense throughout the beginning of the season.

“We’re really starting to apply what we’ve been working on in practice,” freshman forward Melissa Menta said. “Our movement and defending keeps getting better every game.”

Despite their victory, team members saw room for improvement.

“In our next game we need to stay composed in the back and remember to defend as a whole,” Patten said.

In the end, players felt like they earned the triumph.

“We played really well and definitely earned the win.” Menta said.

Senior forward Serra Tumay said the game was a back-and-forth battle in the first half.

“We got an early goal in the second half and kept the momentum from there,” Tumay said. “The game went well. We knew they would be a strong team.”

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