Libertarian Gary Johnson encourages students to ‘waste vote’

Brittany Ellias for WSN

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke at the Rosenthal Pavillion on Tuesday. Joining Gov. Johnson was Gov. Jesse Ventura, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Lisa Kennedy and Kristin Davis of Eliot Spitzer fame. NYU College Libertarians organized the event.

According to President of the club William Cromarty, the event was an effort to introduce or remind young voters to look outside the two-party system as the time to vote nears.

“Young voters are rapidly learning that elections don’t have to be a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, and that rational candidates do exist,” Cromarty said.

Emcee Travis Irvine started the event by recalling his first impression of Ross Perot, well-known for Libertarian views and his popularity as a third-party candidate in the 1992 presidential race. To Irvine, Perot exemplified a candidated not afraid to point out flaws in arguments of Democrats and Republicans.


“Perot called out Democrats and Republicans when they were both wrong,” Irvine said. ”That’s something we need in our political discourse.”

Each of the speakers discussed civil liberties, the ubiquitous disdain for the war on drugs, and the importance of third parties.

Jesse Ventura, an Independent and the former governor of Minnesota, stressed the importance of third parties and spoke mainly on why voting for third party is not a pointless attempt.

“All those wasted votes made me Governor,” Ventura said.

“If Democrats and Republicans choose low quality candidates, they’re the ones
wasting votes,” said Cromarty.

Ventura’s final appeal to the audience left students feeling hopeful about the success
of their third party leaders.

Johnson’s parting words to the audience urged young voters to consider the third party rather than choosing from Democrats or Republicans.

“Waste your vote,” Johnson said.

Some audience members were reassured by the fact that they would have a viable third option in the upcoming presidential election.

“Johnson realizes the need to end the wars, fight for our civil liberties, end the failed war on drugs, audit the Federal Reserve and most importantly balance the federal budget,” said Peter Majcherczyk, a recent NYU graduate.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, Sept. 19 print edition. Mark Secada is a contributing writer. Email him at [email protected] 




  1. Gary Johnson is a breath of fresh air in this stifling Presidential election campaign. He is our clear choice to restore America to peace, prosperity and liberty. He continues Ron Paul’s “Revolution.” Live free.

  2. Great, just great. And just like Perot (whom I voted for), a third party will deliver us another 4 yrs of Obama. Then, its game over. What part of the Progressives and Communists are nailing the final nails in our coffin dont you guys get?

  3. Oh how well I understand the Independent Party thinking. I voted for Perot, only to realize that ,essentially, I had thrown my vote away in doing so. Clinton would not have beat Bush had the voters not supported Perot. I had a very sickening feeling that Clinton actually backed Perot, knowing full well those that voting for him would have otherwise voted for Bush. An Independent candidate can only make a difference if he/she is receiving as strong a following as the Dems or Pubs. We can continue building the strength of the Independent candidates at the State level to eventually have voter strength in a national election. This election is too important for our country to divide our strength. We must NOT let Obama be elected again.

  4. I would LOVE TO STRESS THE REAL ISSUES in the United States Of America – the extreme Corruption of Judicial and Family Courts , the 500, 000 children in foster care being abused by the system that has failed them and The people of the united states , the lose of 1000 children in care each year by death /murder by the so called case workers and Foster parents who are suppose to take care of them. these are issue no one want to talk about!

  5. Voting for someone who represents your principals and values is never a wasted vote … that concept of a wasted vote is media propaganda, and if you feel that way you had better WAKE UP! because you are a large part of the problem

  6. The elephants and donkeys deserve the bird! Obama and Romney have deserted the American Dream. A vote for them equals NO change. Now that’s a wasted vote!

    A declaration is an affirmation. Independence means self-government. They could have called The Declaration of Independence, The Affirmation of Self-Government!

    Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray are the only choice to Save the American Dream: Self-Government, freedom from big government tyranny and oppression…. and to Restore Justice, the guardian of Liberty! The people believe in self-government and self-medication.

  7. I am voting for Gary Johnson mostly because both Obama and Romney support the indefinite detention of American Citizens without a warrant, a trial, or an attorney. That is Tierney.


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