Honor Spring/Summer 2013

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Honor designer Giovanna Randall has established her classic-meets-modern aesthetic with her fifth show at New York Fashion Week.

Deep jewel tones are in for this season, but looking ahead to Spring 2013, Randall is going back to the nudes and pastels strikingly similar to past collections.

Spring 2013 is a another trip back in time, opening with Jackie O. inspired shifts and cupcake dresses fit for a retro catwalk through whitewashed benches double lining the studio.

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Randall’s signature silhouette for spring seems to be the classic full skirted dresses that would give Audrey Hepburn’s fabulous Funny Face wedding dress a run for its money. Spring 2013 saw several in nudes and pale blushes, with faint neon green and pink breaking up the subtlety. Constructed with lace details and transparent, whisper-thin chiffon, the delicate pieces were reminiscent of the designer’s last spring collection.


While last spring Randall riffed on the ladylike look with absent collars and sequins, this season she chose open backs and bright white sparkles. Long sleeves and crewcut necklines that screamed matron in the front offered a twist with suggestive bare backs.

The picnic look was carried through to the details: models in cat-eye sunglasses sauntered by with fresh makeup and French braided hair to “Only in My Dreams” by Arial Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, a nostalgic callback to tunes of 60s band The Byrds.

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Randall’s misses occurred when she strayed from her well-mastered image of femininity. A double breasted blouse with a high, Victorian collar and a few ambiguous designs (Was it a dress? A jumpsuit? Separates?) were disappointments, as was the final look of the show. A floor length gown with a sheer top, save for a few polka dot appliques around the shoulder, was so casual and uninspired that the end was unknown. A few people clapped awkwardly, but not until the lights darkened did the rest of the audience realize the show was over.

Spotted in the audience: How I Met Your Mother‘s Josh Radnor, actress Malin Ackerman, Teen Vogue‘s Eva Chen, and fashion blogger Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller.

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  1. Sorry writer I think you missed the mark. The high collars were beautiful and very cool. The last look was subdued but who says it has to knock you over the head, I thought the refined details are just that, refined. I loved every piece. The two jumpsuits, the use of fabrics, the prints and how they defined the body the covered up fronts then the scooped out backs. I also really liked the large print which seemed hand painted. The clothes ranged from the whites and lights to that dark moody grey, then the splashes of pinks and a wonderful shade of green. I wonder if you were really looking.
    I thought it was outstanding. Each piece beautiful. Loved the hair and styling too and the touches of sparkle.


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