Ed Board anticipates semester of lively discourse

The WSN Editorial Board is filled with energetic and capable writers who are dedicated to sharing their informed opinions with the NYU family. Student-run and student-produced, we strive to deliver our readers with stimulating content and fresh perspectives on topical issues.

We look forward to delivering editorials and individual columns that may either affirm or challenge your beliefs. Printed Monday through Thursday, with additional content to be published on our new website throughout the week, WSN continues to be NYU’s paper of record and the go-to spot for all NYU news.

From the upcoming presidential election and capital gains taxes to the NYU 2031 expansion and new Shanghai campus, the WSN Editorial Board will cover a variety of local, national and international issues. We will do so with speed, transparency and precision. We write about what happens as history unfolds and make many of the resources available for our audiences to draw their own conclusions.

Though we are a part of the university community, we do not confine ourselves to navel gazing or clap trap. We tackle issues as they arise and advocate for action where needed. In doing so, we make no claim to be representative of the larger NYU community.


The Board does hold its finger out in the wind to see which way it blows. And while we do not aim to blow readers away, we are sure to give you a good literary gust now and then.

That said, we warmly welcome all kinds of political, social and religious responses. While we will not hesitate to take a divisive stand on controversial issues, we also recognize that, as students, we have much to learn and must allow room to develop our opinions. We are open to the powers of persuasion, but will remain tempered by confidence in our information and collective intellectual acumen.

Email the WSN Editorial Board at [email protected] Atticus Brigham (Chair), Chris DiNardo (Co-Chair), Nathaniel Chumley, Christopher Drake, Sanchay Jain, Jessica Littman, Peter Murphy, Raquel Woodruff and Richard Zhang.


A version of this story appeared in the Aug. 26 print edition. Email the Editorial Board at [email protected]



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