Athlete Profile: Julius Oppenheimer

A look into up-and-coming NYU golfer Julius Oppenheimer's collegiate career and more.

NY Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera to retire

A formidable athlete, legendary closer Mariano Rivera's legacy will be more than his record breaking stats.

Big East conference teams look promising

The last Big East tournament has arrived.

Teamwork more successful than individual prowess in NBA

Sometimes the most star-studded team is not the one to come out on top. Despite the way many construe the NBA's advertisement, team's can be amazing.

Talented teams face off in Champions League play

Soccer teams in Europe vie for a spot in the next round of Champions League playoffs.

English soccer teams battle for place in Champions League

Down the stretch, the English Premier League is secured for Manchester United.

Ronda Rousey alters future of UFC, combat sports for women

By defeating Liz Carmouche in the first female UFC match, Ronda Rousey may have become the most significant player in women's combat sports.

L.A. Lakers fail to meet expectations, hope for improvement

With about 30 games left in the 2012-13 NBA season, the LA Lakers look to Kobe Bryant to make up their playoff spot deficit.

Violets overtake Brandeis Judges in final home game of season

In a sprint to the finish, the NYU basketball team win in a game that brought a high note to Violet 100.

Female fighters debut at Ultimate Championship

Few athletes would be more worthy to take female fighting than Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche.

Sports scandals lead fans to question support for athletes

In the recent reveal of Lance Armstrong’s deceitful drug use, WSN explores similar betrayals from exalted atheletes.

Brooklyn Nets must evolve to stay competitive

As the All-Star break comes to an end, can the Brooklyn Nets continue to be a menace in the east for the second half of the season?