OWS protests are proof of the strength of our democracy

While Occupiers reconvene to continue their protests against big banks in the U.S., it's easy to forget that the freedom to demonstrate isn't taken for granted around the world.

47 percent of Americans don’t matter to Romney

Mitt Romney's controversial video hits the Republican party with another blunder.

Social media obliterates line between truth and lies

When social media users, including politicians, fail to question information online, they help spread ridiculous, sometimes harmful, lies.

Stop-and-frisk an unfair and subjective policy

NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy puts both targets and perpetrators in a difficult and unfair position.

Noam Chomsky and Carne Ross discuss means and goals of OWS

American linguist and philosopher, Noam Chomsky, and former British diplomat, Carne Ross, share their views on Occupy Wall Street. They also consider whether reform or revolution is the best way to affect change.

Temporary referees in NFL raise concerns

Placement of temporary referees in NFL due to pensions disputes with the league has caused concerns.

Chinese government uses island dispute to distract and unify

The massive amount of press that recent Chinese protests against Japanese claims to a local island dispute fuels nationalistic sentiment well distracting from more pressing political issues.

OWS celebrates a year of public protest

In the one year since it began, the Occupy Wall Street movement has dramatically changed ideas and debates by organizing outside of mainstream politics.

Dutch voters set example for Europe to follow

The results of Dutch general elections held on Wednesday hopefully began a trend toward European cooperation.

Complicated relationship between hip-hop and derogatory language

Hip hop's sometimes crude diction does not make the music any less artistic, nor does it make its fans supporters of its sometimes shocking messages.

What can we learn from the Massachusetts tax holiday?

The success of Massachusetts tax holiday has proven that lawmakers need a similar innovation on a national scale.

U.S. policy in face of Libyan bombing

The United States should work with the Libyan government to quell social unrest by taking on a more active role.