10 Common Misconceptions About BDS

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for Palestinian human rights, otherwise known as BDS, refers to a movement launched by Palestinian civil society in...

Why Censoring Speech Is Necessary in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates encourages students like myself to study abroad, not only to obtain knowledge that is unavailable within the country but also...

India’s Rising #MeToo Movement

Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court was far from the end of the #MeToo movement — just look at the recent push in India to hold sexual assaulters accountable.

Against Non-Cooperation With NYU Tel Aviv

A current NYU Tel Aviv ambassador discusses why equating the Israeli government with the actions of NYU Tel Aviv and its students is misguided.

It’s Time for the U.S. to Stop Supporting the War in Yemen

In light of the tragedy of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder at the hand of the Saudi Arabian government, the U.S. must end their support of the Saudis in the human rights catastrophe of the Yemen Crisis.

Liberal at Home, Conservative Abroad

Why are the labels of "liberal" and "conservative" so unyielding? Read one writer's take on these seemingly arbitrary distinctions, supported by his experience as being considered liberal in his home country Turkey and conservative here at NYU.

Why NYU Needs to Support Students Who Serve

Several countries require their citizens to serve in the military. NYU, as a university with a large population of international students, should implement military service incentives for these students.

NYU’s Alternative Fact Finding Mission to Israel

The "NYU Fact Finding Mission to Israel and the Palestine Territories" isn't as innocuous as it seems — there's inherently an endorsement of unjust oppression.

We Need to Talk About the Dangers of Journalism

It is our duty as a nation with free speech to pay attention to the violence against journalists occurring internationally.

Recognizing the Bravery of Kurdistan’s Women

In the wake of Yazidi activist Nadia Murad's Nobel Peace Prize, Deputy Opinion Editor Hanna Khosravi argues for support and recognition of the Kurds in their current fight against ISIS.

Democratize the United Nations

This week marked the beginning of the 73rd United Nations General Assembly. Officials from countries all around the world are meeting to discuss important...

Purchasing Prestige For the UAE

As of March 2013, six international universities have begun operating campuses in the United Arab Emirates. NYU Abu Dhabi was one of them, inaugurated...