MillionYoung brings originality, versatility to ‘Variable’

MillionYoung’s third album, “Variable,” emphasizes lyrics without straying too far from the band’s characteristic techno beats.

Magnet Theater attracts improv actors, students

The Magnet Theater offers engaging and hilarious shows as well as improv classes.

Foals on fire with latest studio album release

Foals introduces more free-flowing rhythms into their calculated math rock in their third studio album.

Riveting performances steal the stage in ‘Vandal’

Vandal presents a compelling psychological meditation on death, as well as the effectiveness of truth-telling and lying.

TV hit ‘Entourage’ must remain cautious in move to film

“Entourage” is transitioning from TV to the silver screen.

Student duo studies by day, DJ’s by night

Two NYU sophomores have teamed up to create a techno-dance DJ duo called Electronic Sound Outfit.

VIDEO: An Interview with Electronic Sound Outfit

Get to know the DJs of Electronic Sound Outfit, who recently released a new original mix with 50/50 Records.

Soderbergh’s final directoral endeavor becomes thrilling crowd-pleaser

Stephen Soderbergh's final feature film presents an unconventional tale.

Glimpse inside Sheen’s mind too familiar in ‘Charles Swan III’

With an unfortunate reliance on Charlie Sheen's real-life antics, this new film fails to capitalize on its impressive cast.

‘Lore’ offers unfocused tale of World War II era Germany

"Lore" explores heavy subject material with unsteady storytelling.

Comedic performances compensate for mediocre plot in “Identity Thief”

There may be no plot, but expect a laugh out loud comedy.

Fall Out Boy make fueled return to pop punk scene

Fall Out Boy have returned, making an appearance at Webster Hall.