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Editorial Independence

Our independence is our publication’s most valuable asset. WSN is routinely critical of NYU and its leaders and our best stories are ones those in power would prefer the public not see. All editorial decisions are made by students. Neither NYU nor any of its employees have oversight or control over published material. All staff members and writers are NYU undergraduate or graduate students unless otherwise noted.

WSN is governed by a Managing Board comprised of current staff and alumni, chaired by Jane Timm. Nanci Healy acts as WSN’s operations manager. She performs administrative tasks, processes advertising revenue, aids with emergency management and assists with outlining and executing the newspaper’s budget.

Relationship with NYU

Despite our complete editorial independence, WSN still has a relationship with NYU. The university provides us with office space, free of charge, and has funded revenue shortfalls in the past. NYU also originally gifted WSN the desktops that are used by the newspaper’s staff; however, the university does not pay for any technological services or repairs.

Relationship with our business team

The editorial and business teams are completely separate. The editorial team has no say or sway in what advertisements run on the website or in print — and is not notified in advance of what advertisements will be running and whom they are from. Hence, advertisements in no way represent the views of the newspaper’s editorial team. All paid content, including a new push for sponsored content, is explicitly marked as paid advertising. The editorial team is not involved with this process in any way. Likewise, the business team is not involved with the work done by the newspaper’s editorial team.

The business team is financed by the newspaper’s revenue.

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