U is for Universe

[a space in the space]

U is for Universe

Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Senior Reporter

Universe is where we live. A shared home. All-encompassing and all-forgiving. Humans, in this space in the space, are each others’ roommates. Agenders and genderqueers, demi-boys and demi-girls, cis-genders and non-binary folx, transmasculine and transfeminine, gays and lesbians, and straight people, too, the pans and bisexuals, and aces with aros, and everyone, everyone, everyone else.

I won’t lie and say I love every tenant of the universe. I won’t advocate for universal love either. Love. Don’t love. That’s fine. Hate if need be (I do, sometimes). But as long as my hate doesn’t chant “kill the f-gs,” neither should yours.

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