Slay All Day: YouTube Makeup Artists to Watch



Youtube beauty guru PatrickStarrr shares his personal makeup transformation on half of his face to demonstrate the power of makeup.

Thomas Chou, Beauty and Style Editor

If in 2018, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to amp up your makeup game, look no further than the screen of your phone or your laptop. Over the past decade, YouTube beauty and makeup tutorials have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity and quality, with licensed makeup artists around the world turning to the social media platform as a creative outlet to show their artistry to a global audience. Although popular makeup trends often fluctuate and change in the blink of an eye, there are a number of YouTube makeup artists who are always at the pulse of the industry and will teach you to beat your face like no other.

Patrick Starr

Patrick Starr, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, is perhaps the gold standard of YouTube beauty gurus. With special celebrity guest stars like Katy Perry, Shay Mitchell and Kim Kardashian collaborating with him on videos on his channel, Starr has cemented himself as a YouTube makeup juggernaut. Most recently, Starr has released a special makeup collection with MAC Cosmetics, featuring eyeshadow quads, setting powder and a signature red lipstick shade, called “Patrick Woo.”

Jackie Aina

If you’re looking for brutally honest product reviews and demos, you absolutely cannot miss Jackie Aina. As queen of “makeup roasts,” Aina has no problem discussing hot-button topics like inadequate foundation shade ranges or product pricing, and is quick to set makeup companies straight with her strong opinions and sharp wit. She is a talented makeup artist who is socially conscious and aware, which makes her an important creator to watch within the beauty industry.

Jenn Im

Jenn Im, a beauty vlogger, is a fantastic YouTuber to watch if you are looking for someone who balances the sharing of their makeup and style tips with glimpses into their day-to-day life. Whether she is exploring Thailand with her handsome British fiance or styling models for her clothing brand, Eggie, Im is undoubtedly an industry insider. Famous for her subtle makeup and natural look, Im will have you looking dewy and fresh before you even know it.  

Alissa Ashley

Alissa Ashley is a YouTube makeup artist on the rise, whose product demo and review videos have garnered her millions upon millions of views. With a bubbly personality and an optimistic outlook, Ashley always gives products the benefit of the doubt in her reviews, but simultaneously expresses her honest opinion. A pro at filling in her eyebrows, Ashley’s tips and tricks will turn up your brow game to 100.


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