Too Much Cheese? ForGouda ‘Bout It!


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Clinton Hall had a limited edition Flamin’ Hot Doughnut Grilled Cheese in February.

Laura Rubio, Staff Writer

In the 2004 classic, “Mean Girls,” Lindsay Lohan famously answered the question of “How much cheese is too much cheese?” with the affirmation that the limit does not exist. Okay, so maybe she was referring to calculus, but Lohan was definitely onto something.

It is no surprise that cheese is a popular ingredient in the pastas, pizzas and paninis that New Yorkers love, but recently it has gone from mere additive to star ingredient. Here are some of the craziest cheese concoctions popping up and where you can find them.

Cheesy Donuts

Try Clinton Hall, home of the The Flamin’ Hot Doughnut Grilled Cheese. This spicy donut coated in a habanero glaze drips globs of melted goodness into a hot bowl of tomato soup. It was a limited-edition menu item back in February, but maybe if we pray to the right gods, it’ll make a comeback.

Cheesy Burgers

We’re not talking about the tried and true cheeseburger — the classic combination of meat and cheese. We’re talking about the 21st Century Burger at Buns Bar.

For $19, you can get your hands on a 10 ounce Buns blend burger stacked with lettuce and tomato in between fried mozzarella squares and topped with avocado according to the creators themselves. This might be the 21st Century Burger but it’s the idea of the millennium.

Straight Up Cheesy Cheese

Finally, there’s raclette: a Swiss cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk as well as a hearty dish with a rich history.

Raclette comes from the French word racler, which literally means to scrape. Appropriate considering that the dish involves scraping freshly melted cheese onto roasted potatoes and a variety of vegetables (traditionally, onions and pickles).

While the dish was prepared by farmers and shepherds high in the Swiss Alps who needed a substantial meal that wouldn’t perish quickly, today raclette is enjoyed all over the world, including right here in the Big Apple.

Your best bet is the appropriately named Raclette, known as the original speciality raclette restaurant in the U.S. Here, you can enjoy a $15 raclette meal that includes roasted new potatoes, cornichons and pickled white pearl onions covered in rack-melted cheese, served tableside. If you want to go the extra mile (and buck), try the New York: eight ounce filet mignon, sauteed mushrooms, roasted asparagus and potatoes for $45.

Part of the New York experience is tasting a little of everything this city has to offer —  and boy can it offer cheese. Whether stuffed, slathered or scraped, Brie in the fresh air and get to Feta-testing. Manchego-go-go!

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