Kitchen essentials to get your dorm gourmet-ready

If you’re one of the many NYU students with a kitchen in their dorm, being at school doesn’t mean giving up home-cooked meals. But before you can start wowing your roommates with Pinterest-worthy meals, you have to stock your kitchen. Here are the basic kitchen tools you’ll need to get on your way to becoming a dorm kitchen master.


While chefs can spend thousands of dollars on fancy knives, you really only need three to make any basic meal. First, a chef’s knife for bigger kitchen tasks. You’ll want a paring knife for more delicate jobs like cutting the tops of strawberries. Lastly, invest in a bread knife. Even if you usually buy your bread pre-sliced, a bread knife’s serrations are perfect for tough jobs like cubing squash or perfectly slicing a tomato. If you’re looking to invest in one, multi-purpose knife, the chef’s knife is your best option. Many great ones cost as little as $30, and will last beyond your time at NYU.

Measuring Tools


When a recipe asks for three-quarters of a cup of rice or two tablespoons of vanilla, you shouldn’t need to guess. Instead, invest in a two-cup liquid measuring cup  (the kind with a spout), and a set of dry measuring cups. You’ll also need one smaller set to measure teaspoons and tablespoons.  

Plates and Bowls

Plates and bowls are not only needed for serving food, but also for food preparation. Separating out ingredients into bowls will help keep everything organized and will consolidate any mess during cooking. And no matter what meal you make, it will always taste better if you eat it on real dishes.

Heat-Resistant Stirring Utensils

You should have at least one silicone spatula or wooden spoon for stirring your food on the stove. Not only do these instrument make mixing as well as cooking easier, but the materials are the safest to use at high temperatures.  

Pots and Pans

From boiling to frying, these are the go-to kitchen essentials to help execute almost any basic cooking technique. At the very least, you should have a small, nonstick pan for making eggs in the morning and one larger skillet for searing chicken or sautéing vegetables.”Be sure to also have a pot big enough to easily boil spaghetti without breaking the noodles— that’s just not cool.

Glass Containers

From storage to cooking, glass containers are perfect for everyday use. Glass containers normally come in sets, and are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Incredibly resilient and versatile, these can do everything from storing food in the freeze to baking in the oven.

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