Try these seven meals under $7


1) Bakeri

Originating in Williamsburg, this Nordic bakery offers quite a few delicious treats, sandwiches and drinks for under $7. Try their Tomato Jam, Gruyère and Arugula on Focaccia ($6) for a truly inventive bite.

150 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg or 105 Freeman St., Greenpoint


2) Xi’an Famous Foods

Though there are several locations, Xi’an Famous Foods on St. Marks Place is the closest to the NYU campus. This hole-in-the-wall offers northwestern Chinese food boasts a deeply ingrained Middle Eastern influence. The restaurant has a disclaimer recommending that customers eat their noodles immediately, lest the hot oil make them soggy on the walk home. Try the Mount Qi Vegetables Hand-Ripped Noodles ($6-$6.75) for a delicious dish of wide biangbiang noodles and vegetables in a spicy sauce, or the Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger ($3.25-$3.50) for a tasty, meaty kick in a crispy bun.

81 St. Marks Place, 67 Bayard St., 24 W. 45th St., 2675 Broadway.

3) Mark

Also located on St. Marks Place, Mark offers hand-ground sliders for as low as $2.75 each. Topped with grilled onions and melted American cheese, the low price means you can sample the different varieties of burger. They even have a tasty veggie slider for only $3.75.

33 St. Mark’s Place.

4) Pommes Frites

At Pommes Frites, you can get a regular cone full of thick-cut Belgian fries for $4.50. Given the enormous number of fries, that might be enough to act as a meal. If not, the large is only $6.25. With a variety of sauces to sample that boast intriguing flavors like Organic Black Truffle Mayo and Curry Ketchup, there is an infinite number of ways to customize the fresh, hot fries.

123 Second Ave.

5) Soho Tiffin Junction

Think of Chipotle. Now, think of south Indian food. Combine the two and the result is Soho Tiffin Junction, found near Cantor Film Center on Eighth Street. The restaurant offers tiffin dosas, which are essentially south Indian burritos, as well as tiffin bowls and salads. The petite sizes of the dishes range from $4.17 to $5.38, depending on your choice of protein, and are filling as well as vegetarian-friendly.

42 E. Eighth St.

6) Gena’s Grill

This tiny diner hosts Dominican fare for a low price. Get a filling, cheap Steak & Onion Sandwich for $5.50 or a Cuban sandwich for the same price.

210 First Ave.

7) Otto’s Tacos

Otto’s Tacos is home to LA-inspired tacos. One of these mini tacos will only cost you $3 to $3.50, so you can, and should, get two. The chicken tacos are delicious, with small chunks of wonderfully spiced juicy chicken in their homemade tortilla shells. They also deliver.

141 Second Ave.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Sept. 30th print edition. Email Kari Sonde at [email protected]



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