Australia study away program expanded through NYU-University of Sydney partnership

NYU and the University of Sydney announced a new partnership starting next July, allowing students and faculty to participate in programs at either institution.


Julia Moses

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is located near the University of Sydney in Australia, which recently reopened to NYU students as a global study away site. Starting next July, NYU students will be able to take classes at the University of Sydney. (Photo by Julia Moses)

Kristian Burt, Deputy News Editor

NYU students will be able to take courses at the University of Sydney’s Camperdown and Darlington campus starting July 2022. University of Sydney students will also be able to study at NYU in New York or at any of the university’s global study away sites, and faculty from both institutions will collaborate on research and teaching.

A virtual ceremony to finalize the partnership was held on Nov. 29, hosted by NYU president Andrew Hamilton, global programs head Linda Mills and University of Sydney vice-chancellor Mark Scott.

“As the world begins to open up after the COVID-19 crisis, we’re thrilled to be offering students an immersive international experience, either here in Sydney or in New York,” Scott said in a press release.

NYU’s study away program in Sydney has been operational since 2012, but has been closed to students for the past semester on account of the pandemic. NYU Sydney participated in NYU’s Go Local program, which permitted students living near a study away campus to take classes there. However, due to low enrollment for the Go Local option and Australia’s stringent COVID-19 restrictions, the site went remote in fall 2021.

NYU’s current location in Sydney — located in the historic city neighborhood The Rocks — will be moved to the University of Sydney’s Camperdown and Darlington campus. Students will live at the University of Sydney’s Regiment residence hall.

The University of Sydney ranked second in US News’ Best Global Universities in Australia and New Zealand. Hamilton said he is proud to be partnering with one of Australia’s leading universities.

“Our students love being in Sydney, and like them, I am thrilled to be resuming NYU’s program there after a COVID-related hiatus,” Hamilton said in the press release. “Our agreement will have the additional important advantage of permitting NYU students to take classes alongside University of Sydney counterparts, which will benefit everyone.”

Courses in anthropology, environmental studies, English and Media, Culture, and Communication will be taught at University of Sydney by NYU faculty. These classes will also be open to University of Sydney students.

NYU has consistently ranked as the U.S. university with the most international and study away students, according to the Institute of International Education. Hamilton said the partnership is representative of NYU’s priority of being a global university despite the pandemic.

“NYU’s extensive global presence is a reflection of our commitment to global engagement, and this new collaboration is emblematic of that commitment,” Hamilton said. “We couldn’t ask for better partners than the University of Sydney, or a warmer or more propitious welcome.” 

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