This Year, Take a Look at Your Daily Routine

NYU students’ beauty and style resolutions for 2019.

Taylor Jeffries, Staff Writer

Despite recent pushback against the notion of New Year’s resolutions, the less cynical among us continue to dream up better versions of themselves each Jan. 1. For some, that means eating less junk food and spending more time with their families. For others, it means hitting the gym five times a week and drinking less. And for many NYU students, it means making changes to their beauty and style habits as a means to improve their self-confidence.

Rory Meyer School of Nursing sophomore Stacey Kim’s style resolution for 2019 is to stop paying so much attention to mainstream fashion trends.

“It’s better off to buy things that are timeless and that are always going to be in style,” Kim said. “I’d also rather just dress to flatter my own body type rather than wearing things that look good on other people.”

Kim also mentioned that when it comes to beauty, she’s resolved to rock a healthy and minimal look and move past dark eyeshadow.


LS sophomore Joyce Cheung would also like to minimalize her daily makeup routine.

“I would like to wear less makeup and feel comfortable in my own skin. To improve my skin, I intend on using more sleeping masks,” Cheung said.

CAS sophomore Amodhya Samarakoon mentioned skincare as well, explaining how her resolution to have a go-to beauty routine will make her life better even when she’s stressed.

“My beauty resolution is to make sure I’m taking good care of my skin consistently, even during midterms and finals when I feel lazy,” she said.

Samarakoon considers beauty and style resolutions to be as important as self-care resolutions.

“They’re about feeling good in your own skin and making time for yourself,” said Samarakoon. “When we feel good about ourselves, we can put more energy into our work and focus better.”

According to Inc., no beauty or style resolution cracks the top ten resolutions for 2019. However, according to Kim, we shouldn’t discount the benefits of aesthetic-related resolutions.

“I think beauty and style resolutions are just as important as gym resolutions or eating healthier,” Kim said. “Beauty and style resolutions are about looking better on the outside and that plays a big role in how you feel about yourself.”

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