Most Underrated

Hot Spots in the City

Everyone loves the NYU classic spots, such as The Strand, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library and the Bean, however there’s an entire world of hidden NYU gems that many of us glance over. We’ve rounded up the best spots around NYU that fail to be recognized for their true worth.

Tyler Crews

Most Underrated Bookstore: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
On the outside, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is exactly that, a bookstore and cafe rolled into one, aesthetically pleasing environment. Located at 126 Crosby St., the cafe may seem like a trek for students that live closer to Union Square; however, it is definitely worth the walk. The atmosphere is cozy and the food is delicious, but that’s not even the best part. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is a branch of the Housing Works organization, which is a community dedicated to ending the dual crisis of homelessness and AIDS through advocacy, services and providing opportunities for those in need. The cafe is run almost entirely by volunteers and 100 percent of the profits go toward the Housing Works mission. Essentially, you get to drink coffee, read books and help a meaningful cause all at one location.

Tyler Crews

Most Underrated Burger Chain: Five Guys

With so much hype surrounding the new Shake Shack near Astor Place and the great debate between Shake Shack and Burger Joint, Five Guys has flown completely under the radar. The burgers at Five Guys are on the same level as the other two franchises, and its shakes and fries are arguably better. Furthermore, Five Guys allows the public to use their restroom, which is truly a lifesaver on the streets of New York City.

Tyler Crews

Most Underrated Study Spot: LaGuardia Co-op

Every single one of us knows the name, but nobody seems to know anything about this place. Located on LaGuardia Place, LaGuardia Co-op is a student technology center with computer stations, collaborative space, study rooms and amazing technology resources. This is a great place to come study when your daily visit to Bobst begins to feel too monotonous. The co-op also has a gaming and virtual reality system, so you can trade in your ID for a console when you are in desperate need of a study break.

Most Underrated Cultural Experience, Grey Art Gallery

Odds are that you walked past this gallery, looked at it, considered going in, then promptly forgot about it. Located on the east side of Washington Square Park, the Grey Art Gallery consists of an impressive collection of works, ranging from modern Asian and Middle Eastern art to post-war American art. The gallery’s most prized possession may be “Marine à Berck: Bateaux de pêche et pêcheursfrom Edouard Manet. The gallery also hosts exhibitions and is currently featuring works from Santiago Ramón y Cajal, who is considered to be the father of modern neuroscience.

Most Underrated NYU Experience: Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers

The overall understanding is that NYU students do not enjoy sports. We show our school spirit by showing up and cheering at protests, not in the stands. However, there is one sports team that has managed to rally the support of the NYU community, and that is the hockey team. NYU hockey Friday night games are packed with students cheering on their peers. Here, NYU students are strong in their Violet pride, allowing the team to be a unifier amongst students. Games are a great way to meet new people or catch up with someone that you haven’t seen in a while, plus the sport is pretty entertaining to watch.


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