Staff Recs: Best Halloween TV Episodes


WSN staff share their favorite Halloween TV Episodes from when they were growing up.

A quintessential part of any television show is its choice to create holiday themed episodes or not. Several shows do this, and they do it well: “The Office” had these episodes each season, as did many Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows back in the day. In keeping with the season, some WSN staff members compiled a list of the best Halloween-themed episodes of all time.

Every single episode of “Brooklyn 99” is a work of art, but the Halloween episodes are truly special. The tradition started in the first season, when Jake made a bet with Captain Holt that he could steal the Medal of Valor that Holt keeps in his office. Each Halloween episode has been a new iteration of the heist more over-the-top and hilarious than the last, the most recent of which aired this week.

— Jordan Reynolds, Arts Editor

“The Ghost of Suite 613” episode from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” is hands-down the spookiest television episode of any show I’ve seen. Even though a majority of the creepiness just came from the gang’s prank on Zack, the premise of a haunted hotel gives me the jeebies. And that open ending of the episode where the actual ghost hands Cody his blankie back and disappears into the painting? I’m still scared of any portrait I encounter. All I’m saying is that the Disney Channel scarred me for life, and if I ever have to stay in a room with the number 613, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

Natasha Roy, Assistant Managing Editor

Years after it aired, the “iCarly” Halloween episode, “iScream,” still has me giggling to myself, and I’m not quite sure why. When a letter addressed to apartment 13B is mistakenly delivered to Carly and her gang, they take it upon themselves to return the letter to its rightful owner. However, as it is Halloween, things obviously don’t go quite as planned. The naive group of tweens find themselves locked in apartment 13B, where a series of spooky things begin to happen. The line that made me inexplicably laugh was when Freddie accidentally pulled too hard on the door knob while trying to escape the room and it detached from the door. His friends ask him why he pulled off the doorknob, and he responds “I don’t know, I wanted to add it to my doorknob collection.” I know it’s not funny, but it is a little bit funny.

— Jemima McEvoy, Managing Editor

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