Class of 2017 To-Do List

At a school like NYU, it’s easy to get caught up in all the unique experiences that life in New York City and at the abroad sites provide. However, the class of 2017 says there are some basic NYU experiences that students should not graduate without.

Embrace NYU Perks

“Before NYU students graduate, they should make use of all of NYU’s facilities, such as the gym [and] the piano rooms, among others. They should also try to go to all the free NYU-sponsored events before it’s too late — make the most out of your tuition!”

— Christine Park, CAS senior


“I’d say they should take a trip somewhere that they get to plan. To go see the world on their terms so they have to learn how to navigate a new place and are exposed to something new. Step outside of your comfort zone to see what it’s like before [taking] a huge leap into adulthood.”
— Megan Salvato, Nursing senior

Have a Nice Brunch

“If you are new to the city and [need] a place to brunch, look no further than Cafe Mogador! Known for its Mediterranean eats and homey vibes, this chic brunch spot is the perfect place to customize your eggs Benedict and take the perfect photo of your delicately plated feast. You have to try the Brooklyn location, complete with handwoven seat cushions and a toasty heated outdoor garden seating area. The waiters and waitresses are patient as you explore the vast menu and always bring your food to the table with a smile. The complimentary tea, coffee and fresh-squeezed orange juice certainly add to the brunch experience. I go at least once a month. I swear I’m in love with this place. Try it, and I bet you will be too!”

— Charity Thompson, Steinhardt senior

Get to Know Yourself
“Before you graduate, you should take time to reflect on things you’ve experienced in college and try and understand who you think you are as a person, so when you enter the workforce you’re prepared to answer those interview questions more truthfully. Also, know how to do your taxes. And play a sh—t ton of video games.”

— Megan Salvato, Nursing senior

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