Arranged marriages are often presumed to be cold by nature, but my family taught me how loving they truly are.

Under the Arch


Poems by by Summer Campbell

An illustration of a woman with reddish brown hair wearing a green sweater, looking at herself in a mirror. There are stars and hearts drawn on the mirror, a piece of tape over the right top corner that reads "Slay Queen," and post-it notes that read "You are enough," "Be Kind to Yourself," "Believe in Yourself," "Love Yourself" and "I am Fearless!"

Manifesting Self-Love (Emily Mogami for WSN)

Summer Campbell, Contributing Writer | Feb 26, 2023


Sometimes I daydream about you and everything that you are
Eyes full of warmth and honey, you’re a golden star
Your smile brightens my soul, especially on cloudy days
though we both know it won’t stay that way.
When you cry, you cry hard.
My heart breaks when I hear you sob.
You are the part of me that is stressed and blue,
but I will do anything to help you through.
Whatever you desire, you will possess.
I will be a constant reminder of your success.
I know we’ve had some struggles
and sometimes our mind is jumbled.
We go through phases of insecurity,
still, you’re worth it to me.
A beautiful soul with skin made of honey and gold:
I love you, just thought I’d let you know.


When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Someone who gives love to everyone, not the one really in need.
You neglect yourself and call it being “selfless,”
but all this does is make you helpless.
In order to love others, you must first love yourself
Once you do that, then you can be of help.




Looking into the mirror, all I see are scars.
Light and dark, they litter my body,
taunting and pulling me apart.
They remind me of my past and what I’ve been through,
the good and the bad, everything I’ve been dragged into.
Sometimes I love them and smile with pride, tracing them gently with my finger, other times I’ll cry and die a bit inside.
There are days where they hurt me the most, feeling weak and worthless. Staring in the mirror is like looking at a ghost.
But I know that feeling won’t stay long because,
in the end, something makes me feel strong.
Those are the days I cherish the most, where I can wear what I want and am tempted to boast. I have a sense of freedom,
wanting to brag about how my body curves and not a part of me sags. Looking into the mirror all I see are scars and the feelings they bring. These scars are the reason why I can appreciate all of my little things.