Love Apps for NYU Students


Grace Halio

These are WSN’s top picks for dating apps. What are yours?

In a technology-dependent world, bumping into your true love on the streets of NYC seems like something that only exists in 90’s rom-coms. It can feel impossible to find a new date, hookup or friendship — no matter what you are looking for. Dating apps seem to provide the answer with limitless opportunities at the swipe of your finger. We have access to new, unique options along with classics like the infamous Tinder. Here is WSN’s definitive ranking of dating apps for NYU students:


Tinder has 50 million users worldwide for a reason. That’s a lot of potential dates, regardless of how picky you are. However, while swiping through photos, Tinder can end up feeling more like a game than a dating app. Matches are frequent, but since they are mostly based on looks, honest connections rarely happen. As a result, the app is mostly used for hookups. Either member in a match can choose to message first, letting the conversation flow or dwindle. Tinder’s Super Like feature tends to be useless — it usually just occurs when someone’s finger slips. The benefit of Tinder is its number of users, but the downfall is that you’re almost guaranteed to see someone you know, exposing you to the possibility of learning things about their sex life that you didn’t need to know.


“Find your honey!” is the tagline for this women-driven app. Matches begin the same way they do on Tinder: both people have to swipe right. But after a connection, the woman has 24 hours to send the first message. In same-sex situations, either person has the option to start the conversation. If nobody messages, or no conversation is initiated, the connection disappears. Once a day, you can extend the 24-hour time frame without losing the match. This app is great for those on Tinder who are tired of the relentless “Send Nudes” messages.


Happn follows a different philosophy than other dating apps. It uses your location to tell you the potential matches you pass on a daily basis. When you cross paths with someone, their profile appears on your timeline. This is a great way to connect with a crush you see in a coffee shop or while waiting for the NYU bus. If you tend to thrive in online interactions but choke when you run into someone on the street, this app will benefit you. Safety is one of its main pillars — while other users can see that you crossed within 850 feet, they do not have access to your exact location.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating app, made famous by Shark Tank, advertises as

#LadiesChoice. The app provides women with 21 personality matches daily to either like or pass. The setup allows women to choose who to talk to based on the men who like them. Your profile includes your religion, occupation, employer and alma mater, so you know more about your matches before meeting. Boasting over 650 couples connected weekly, Coffee Meets Bagel is far more relationship-based than Tinder’s hookup vibe. If you want a meaningful connection, check out this app.


Don’t want to judge people based on their appearance? Loveflutter is a dating app where you like or dislike someone based on their 140-character personal statement. For the less creative, the app can create a statement for you, but this can ruin the personal aspect. Loveflutter is different from the shallow fun of dating apps that judge and promote looks. Loveflutter’s personality-based approach is geared towards longer-lasting relationships.

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