When I Feel Homesick, I…

…I do something that reminds me of how much I love New York, like order Indian food at 2 a.m. You can’t do that in Tennessee.

-Taylor Nicole Rogers, Dining Editor

…I FaceTime my parents in Shanghai if they’re awake, and if they’re not, I make myself ramen noodles that taste nothing like what ma makes.

-Anna Yao, Copy Chief

…I like to get açai bowls or fruit smoothies. The stuff in New York doesn’t quite compare (and is way more expensive than back home), but having that refreshing snack reminds me of summer days in Laguna Beach and is super yummy to boot.

-Anne Cruz, Abroad Editor

…I cook. Food not only connects individuals, but connects people to culture and history. For my family, who only recently immigrated to the United States by generational standards, food has been a way of extending our roots in the United States. Many of our careers revolve around food, and the lessons we learned growing up were always taught in conjunction with a symphony of simmering pots in the background. When I’m homesick, I think of the bread my grandmother would make to feed her village after a hard day’s work. I think of the recipes my mom brought with her to this country that help her remember what home was like. I think of my dad improvising whatever meal he could when money was short. This way, I feel can connected to them and their stories even on the other side of the country.

-Emily Fong, Opinion Editor

…I play “Greetings from Asbury Park” on my record player.

-Abbey Wilson, Assistant Managing Editor

…I watch “Gilmore Girls”. The show mirrors my life as well as the relationship between my own mother and I so well that I can always find an episode that perfectly encapsulates what I am feeling in that moment and just makes me feel a little closer to home. Either that or watching hockey. Or trekking to the Tim Hortons in Midtown.

-Rachel Ruecker, Sports Editor

…I’ll walk twenty blocks to get home, but will probably end up getting distracted at a shop and never make it there.

-Qianqian Li, Deputy Copy Chief

…I did something rather more extreme than most. Since I spent the years before arriving at NYU bouncing around boarding schools and spending my summers working away from home, I ended up getting hit with a pretty serious bout of it by the spring of freshman year. My solution (and this naturally won’t be an option for everyone) was to get a tattoo of my own little home for myself. I used the image of my grandmother’s home, where she lived from the day she was married until the day she died. It’s now a nice reminder that I’ve always got a place for myself, even if it’s not exactly a concrete address.

-Hailey Nuthals, Arts Editor

…I immediately make plans with friends because when you’re busy, you have less time to think about being far from home, or I’ll have my mom set up FaceTime with my dog.

-Jessica Martinez, Social Media Editor

…I go to the Union Square Greenmarket and look at the seafood because I’m from the Pacific Northwest.

-Anna Letson, Multimedia Editor

…I sit outside the Washington Square dog park and imagine that I’m back at home, snuggling with my pups and listening to the stove timer ding to remind my mom to take out the pasta while it’s still al dente.

-Bobby Wagner, Managing Editor

…I normally go running or skateboarding by one of the rivers so I can smell the weirdly nice combination of water and sweat that reminds me of SoCal. Then I just sit by the river and reflect on/remember why I’m in New York City. But if my homesickness gets really bad, I usually video call my best friend who stayed locally for college, and we mope over friendsickness instead.

-Diamond Naga Siu, News Editor

…I either make a bowl of Ditalini (al dente, with butter) the way my mom would make it,  or walk to the Hudson River because I grew up by the beach and there’s something comforting about the water.

-Grace Halio, Deputy Managing Editor

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