Feeling Ambitious? Try Learning a New Skill With These 5 Classes

ART-UE 301 – Introduction to Photography I

It might seem like everyone you know at NYU is doing photography or some variation of the discipline, but jjg doesn’t mean it’s too late to join in on the fun. Photography is a skill that can be useful in a variety of fields, regardless of what you want to do post-graduation. If you can provide your own camera — and it’s not hard to find a DSLR that’s a few years old for cheap on Craigslist — this class is the perfect way to jump into seriously using the rule of thirds and learning what the hell ISO even stands for (hint: it has literally nothing to do with photography).


GAMES-UT 120 – Intro to Games Development

This course will give you a good start or jumping into the world of game design, a study that sometimes seems to be in the peripheral vision of many NYU students. However, the perk of game design is that it has something to offer you no matter what you’re interested in, whether it’s math, art, problem solving or you simply enjoy working on a computer. It’s taught at Tandon in Brooklyn, so be prepared for a commute if you do take this course. But if you’re looking for a course that’s completely hands-on and something that may be completely new to you, try your hand at a little game design.


ASL-UE 91 – American Sign Language I

When you think of taking a language, you might not think of one in which you don’t have to — or rather aren’t allowed to — speak. American Sign Language is a way to explore something completely different that might come in handy when you don’t even expect it. This course is a fun way to get active in the classroom — or at least get your hands active. If you’re incredibly talkative, this is either the worst class for you or the best, but regardless it’s a way to get interactive in a way you might have not previously considered.


MPAPE-UE 59 – Piano (Group) for Non-Music Majors

One of the most obvious skills to learn is how to play an instrument. If you’re less musically-inclined, piano is one instrument that might require less of an ear than others. You don’t (really) have to tune, and essentially all you’re doing is pressing buttons right in front of you. Okay, so may it’s not that simple, but learning to play the piano is a great way to get your toes wet in the world of music. This piano class is for non-music majors and it’s taught in a group too, so you’ll probably be in a room full of people who are in the same boat as you. This class is largely observational in the classroom with more work on your own outside, but if you’d rather learn in more of a one-on-one manner, there’s a class for that too!


ARTS-UG 1515 – Talk to Me: The Art of Storytelling for Audio and Radio in a Global City

Learning how to podcast may seem like so 2004, but the rise of popular shows like “Serial” have somewhat surprisingly brought the lesser explored medium back to life. Now, it’s becoming one of the most popular ways for anyone with a laptop and cheap microphone to share their voice, in a very literal way. This class will teach you the various techniques in putting together audio for consumption, whether it’s on-air or in a documentary. This class even features trips to various radio stations across New York City, so if you’re a fan of stations like NPR and WNYC, this class might pique your interest. As audio grows in the digital age, this class will teach you how to be literate in one of the most important mediums both inside journalism and out.

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