Tisch student guest stars in Bryanboy video, pursues music


Sangjun Bae

Tisch sophomore Madison Love was recently featured in the popular blog Bryanboy.

Tisch sophomore Madison Emiko Love represented NYU’s fashionable community in Bryanboy’s video series, “Bryanboy Goes to College,” where Love joins the fashion blogger to discuss everything from style to singing.

The video, “When Tailored Chic Meets Normcore: Bryanboy and NYU Singer Make Sweet Music,” posted Oct. 8, includes Bryanboy and Love talking about NYU, the trials and tribulations of dorming and, of course, what she wore.

With her involvement in the video, Love sought to show the style on campus and around the city.

“I definitely wanted to showcase how stylish and fashion forward people are in New York City, and that the NYU students are so much more diverse,” Love said. “One of the reasons why I came to NYU was because of the fashion. Everyone tries harder here.”

After Love’s dorm style was featured in Teen Vogue’s February 2014 issue, the magazine invited her to audition for Bryanboy’s web series. Love was asked to send in a picture of her favorite outfit, but as a Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music student, she created a compilation video of photos and her music instead.

With her musical background, Love gave Bryanboy a music lesson at the end of the video. The resulting song included some of Bryanboy’s favorite things — putting on fur and Louboutins, going to fashion shows and taking selfies.

“We had a good time singing along to it together,” Love said. “He’s such an amazing guy, and he just wants to be everyone’s best friend.”

In addition to her collaboration with Bryanboy, Love has previously made marks in the fashion world, having created a clothing line called Miss Blink with a friend when she was younger.

After following fashion blogs like Bryanboy, she is now launching a fashion blog with CAS and Steinhardt sophomore Kate Ramsay.

Their blog, The High Life, will be focused on low-budget options for high-class outfits.

“Inspired by Bryanboy, our premise for this blog is to feature new and exciting style — something that vibrantly paints our world of fashion,” Ramsay said. “We’re combining our business structures to appeal to crowds of all ages, and to stay simple and chic. We believe fashion is to celebrate humans, to accentuate the beauty of ourselves, and we want our blog and fashion/website style to mirror that as well.”

Despite Love’s strides in the fashion world, she plans to prioritize her music — something she has loved doing since she was 13 years old. 

“Fashion is my number two part of my life, because music is number one,” Love said.

Love now performs under the name MADLOVE in the singer-songwriter genre and is currently exploring working with EDM music and commercial pop with producer and fellow Tisch sophomore Ben Shapiro.

“She is an incredibly talented songwriter who is taking some amazing steps right now in her career,” Shapiro said. “She has recently gone from doing more singer-songwriter acoustic music to now doing fully produced pop records that suit her image and quirkiness incredibly well.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday Oct. 23 print edition. Email Natalia at [email protected].