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Spread love and share opinions: What NYU students love on Valentine’s Day

We asked NYU students for their thoughts on all things Valentine’s Day, from flower preferences to public displays of affection. Here are their answers.

February 14, 2022

Chocolate or flowers?

Chocolate: 48.4%

Flowers: 51.6% 

Good news for the local florists in the Village — NYU students are in the market for flowers this year. It’s estimated that Americans will spend more than $2 billion on flowers for Valentine’s Day. The options are endless, ranging from the traditional bouquet of a dozen roses to forever flowers that refuse to wilt and will last until next February. 

Conversation hearts — yay or nay?

Yay: 59.4%

Nay: 40.6%

Maybe you didn’t know what they were called, but everyone’s seen the chalky candy hearts imprinted with flirtatious phrases like “Be Mine” and “Cutie Pie.” Conversation hearts were actually invented by a Boston pharmacist in 1847 who was looking for a substitute to lozenges that were more efficient to produce. The idea to print messages on the candy developed afterwards, and thus a new Valentine’s Day staple was created. 

Which date are you choosing?

Get fancy — go have dinner and see a movie: 68.8%

Let’s stay in — Netflix and Doordash: 31.3%

Save your sweatpants for later, because NYU wants a night out on the town — or the city. Almost three-fourths voted in favor of dinner and a movie to celebrate on the 14th. Just in case COVID-19 has your people skills a bit rusty, here’s a how-to on behaving on a movie date. Oh, and an etiquette refresher to peek at too. 

Assume you have a significant other — do they still need to formally ask you to be their valentine?

No, it’s a given: 43.9%

Uh, duh. Of course they do: 57.1%

Being comfortable in a relationship is good, so long as you don’t get so comfortable that you forget to pop the question. More than half of respondents say that significant others still need to ask their loved one to be their valentine, even if they already know the answer. Best for everyone to ask their beau just in case, lest you end up spending the 14th listening to Adele’s entire discography. 

Which flowers are you picking?

Roses, of course: 77.8%

I’m more of a tulips kind of person: 22.2%

Roses are red, and the Violets seem to prefer them. More than 75% chose roses over tulips. Why are roses associated with romance, you may ask? It stems from roses’ association with the goddesses of love, Aphrodite in Greek mythology and Venus in Roman mythology. The Society of American Florists say that over 250 million pounds of roses are produced each year. Let’s hope you don’t have allergies.

Gifts — what’s more important?

It’s the thought that counts — price means nothing: 96.8%

Diamonds say something, and so does the price tag: 3.2%

We’re a sentimental university. Nearly 97% responded that the thought counts more than the amount of zeros on the price tag. Feel free to save a few bucks and handwrite your Valentine’s card. But for the students whose valentine is in the other 3%, you’d better get your wallets out. 

Pet names — what do you think?

I am NOT calling anyone babe: 19%

The mushier, the better — call me whatever you want, sweetcheeks: 30.2%

I couldn’t care less: 50.8%

About half are ambivalent when it comes to using pet names. 30% are on board with the mushiest of pet names, though. In the market for a new name for your significant other? Here’s a list of plenty of options such as “Lamb Chop” or “Captain of Love.” But 19% still aren’t too keen on calling anyone babe, so it’s best to just check beforehand. 

Thoughts on PDA?

Showing your love is great. What’s wrong with some kisses in public?: 6.3%

Ew. Save it for when you’re alone: 1.6%

It’s fine in doses. Hold hands, but maybe don’t French kiss in Washington Square Park?: 92.2%

It appears that NYU students don’t mind a little smooching in public — but they don’t want to see something that usually requires a private browser. Remember those leaked pictures of our beloved alum Timothée Chalamet? Yeah, don’t do that. 

Single on V-day — what’s the move?

Make the most of it! Hang out with friends, do some skincare, whatever I want: 50.0%

Send myself flowers and buy discounted chocolate. Maybe a rom-com or two: 19.4%

It’s just another Monday. I’ve got homework: 30.6%

The day of love includes platonic love, too — so celebrate it. Fifty percent of you see Valentine’s Day as a chance to get some friends together and share the love. We are, of course, a university of scholars, so it makes sense that 30% are more concerned with their Texts and Ideas homework than doing face masks. I see you too, the other 19.4% — and so does Hugh Grant, who leaves us with no shortage of rom-coms to enjoy with our fresh flowers and half-priced chocolate. Not that I don’t love Mr. Grant, but may I also suggest Will Smith’s “Hitch?”

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