New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Interactive Arts

A screen displayed on the wall of wooden sticks in water with a mountain in the background, an art piece displayed dangling from the ceiling and a red art piece displayed on a platform.

Review: ‘Threads to the South’ explores Latin American identity through textile art

The current exhibition at the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art pays homage to Latin American artists and history.
Diana C. Sánchez González, Staff Writer April 18, 2024

“The slow turn of the spinning wheel is what makes the thread perfect,” reads written narration from Elvira Espejo Ayca’s to a 17-minute-long video where she spins, winds...

Six black and white portraits on a wall.

Review: ‘Chelsea Hotel Portraits’ expertly reveals humanity in the Chelsea Hotel

Australian photographer Tony Notarberardino’s work will be on display until April 27 at the American Contemporary Art Gallery.
Sofi Cisneros, Contributing Writer April 16, 2024

The Chelsea Hotel could, at one point, have been a little bohemian city all on its own. Originally established as an apartment cooperative in 1884, the red-bricked 23rd Street...

A framed illustration from the exhibition of two peacocks in a field.

Review: ‘The Art of the Literary Poster’ exposes the history behind the evolution of creative marketing

On view until June 11, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibition explores visual storytelling in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Marisa Sandoval, Contributing Writer April 9, 2024

Centered in luscious vines, an ancient half-man, half-goat Greek god cups the face of a mystical woman. Mesmerized, they stare into each other's eyes in Will H. Bradley’s 1894...

Three people around a museum exhibit with blue walls displaying a photo of a person sitting at a graffitied piano and a photo of a woman, a man and a dog with a bike. Two neon bikes and a piano are on a raised platform in front of the photos.

Review: ‘Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ is a celebration of diversity

The new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum proves that diversity in art inspires audiences.
Skylar Boilard, Contributing Writer April 8, 2024

Followed by American singer-songwriter Marvin Gaye’s music, visitors will come upon musical instruments owned by couple Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, such as a piano and turntables....

A girl wearing a black shirt holds a camera at her side while posing in a sandy outdoor area.

Elinor Kry discusses visual artistry in a visual world

Within the fields of arts, fashion and culture, photographer and Tisch sophomore Elinor Kry discusses what keeps herself and her creative vision anchored.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer April 3, 2024

Elinor Kry received her first camera in fifth grade, a gray Sony digital picked out by her dad from a Black Friday sale. She took the camera on a trip to Japan that winter, during...

People walk around a large gallery room, looking at multicolored art pieces made of acrylic and metal hanging from the ceiling.

Review: The 2024 Whitney Biennial poignantly portrays life in the modern world

“Even Better Than the Real Thing,” displays works from over 70 contemporary artists who explore ideas related to “the real.”
Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor April 2, 2024

From a piano playing itself in a dark room to pastel buoys suspended over a pile of rope and lobster traps, the 81st Whitney Biennial: Even Better Than the Real Thing invites viewers...

A painting with clothes hanging on a clothesline against an orange sky/background and a toilet on the right. On the bottom are the words “llevo mi destino cosido al cuerpo luego lo lavo.”

‘Magali Lara: Interior Landscapes’ exhibits the work of one of Mexico’s most prolific female artists

The spring exhibition is currently on display at NYU's Institute of Fine Arts through the rest of the semester.
Marisa Sandoval, Contributing Writer March 26, 2024

In a windowless lecture hall, a solitary canvas painted with shades of yellows, pungent blues and deep reds draws the gaze of visitors. Mexican artist Magali Lara’s 1984 acrylic...

A pair of glass doors with the words “COPY MACHINE MANIFESTOS.”

Review: ‘Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines’ celebrates the bold and beautiful

The exhibition, which showcases comics and zines ranging from the 1970s to the present day, is on display at the Brooklyn Museum until March 31.
Samiksha Kasyap, Contributing Writer March 14, 2024

Yellow-tinted glass doors welcome visitors to the “Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Inside, glass cases enclose hundreds...

Three people sitting in front of a screen with bright, colorful strokes.

Review: ‘Harold Cohen: AARON’ proves that art needs a human touch

The exhibition, which tracks the evolution of the first AI art program, is currently on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Dani Biondi, Staff Writer March 7, 2024

Before online AI art generators like DALL·E or Midjourney, there was AARON, a software developed by British painter-engineer Harold Cohen. The “Harold Cohen: AARON” art exhibition...

The interior of an art gallery. On the wall closest to the viewer, there is a framed lace bra and a painted portrait of a woman.

Review: ‘Herstory’ is the perfect exhibition to see this Women’s History Month

Artists examine perception, traditional stereotypes and feminine power through gendered art at the Viridian Artists Inc.

Throughout history, a woman’s place in society has often been tethered to men. With the prerogative of redirecting this pattern, the “Herstory” exhibition at the Viridian...

Museum display with headline “MARTA MINUJÍN: ARTE! ARTE! ARTE!” in green and red. Under the headline a glass display has a fabric sculpture of multicolored stripes.

Review: ‘Marta Minujín: Arte! Arte! Arte!’ explores the meaning of life through mattresses

The Argentine artist’s first U.S. survey exhibition at the Jewish Museum is now on view and it’s worth the trip uptown.
Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor March 1, 2024

Behind large glass doors directly opposite to the Jewish Museum’s entrance, Marta Minujín’s gigantic mattress sculpture “Intertwined Concepts” invites viewers into her...

Image of a black man sitting in front of a yellow and white striped wall and next to an open computer.

Who is Alex Harsley? The East Village photographer who’s seen it all

The 4th Street Photo Gallery displays moments of Black history that represent the photographer’s life behind the camera.
Maya Randolph, Contributing Writer February 28, 2024

The 4th Street Photo Gallery, located in the heart of the East Village at 67 E. Fourth St., is a small space with a rich history. The founder and photographer Alex Harsley has...