New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Beauty & Style

Two models with pink eyeshadow look into the camera. One is wearing a ginger wig, the other a blonde wig.

Frederick Anderson creates a mélange of blues, grunge and rock and roll

For his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, designer Frederick Anderson fuses country and grunge styles as an ode to American music.
Sara Sharma, Deputy Culture Editor February 16, 2024

A group of models in different red, white and black outfits pose in front of a white backdrop.

Bishme Cromartie blends streetwear and avant-garde design

From “Project Runway” to New York Fashion Week, Cromartie makes waves with his signature aesthetic: “street garde.”
Shiphrah Moses, Identity & Equity Editor February 15, 2024

A model walking down a runway with a red dress that has a blue protruding hand and cat.

Abstract constructions and sleek streetwear take on NYFW

The second day of shows at Global Fashion Collective presented worldwide innovation and high contrast in design.
Emily Genova and Dharma Niles February 13, 2024

A group of models walks down a runway in a line. At the front of the runway, a model opens a black and white checkered cape to reveal a blue ruched mini dress with red stars.

Cultural commentary meets couture at first day of Global Fashion Collective

A fusion of worldwide attire and casual streetwear reigns supreme at Global Fashion Collective’s NYFW shows.
Juliana Guarracino and Alexa Donovan February 12, 2024

A pink background split into two sides by a violet zig-zag. On the left side there is a red shirt with white text that reads 49ers and blue-denim shorts. On the right side there is a red hoodie with yellow text that reads CHIEFS, a gold chain and a football.

Blitz and ‘fits: A Super Bowl style guide

Don’t fumble with your Super Bowl outfit this Sunday — here's your chance to score!
Elena Portnoy, Juliana Guarracino and Shiphrah Moses February 9, 2024

Set, hike, fashion! The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and time is running out to find your outfit for the big game. If you feel like you’re doing overtime trying to find the...

A collage of three photographs. In the left photo, a model wears an off-white, woven dress with black metallic flowers that branch off of it. In the middle photo, a model wears white pants and a white woven top with metallic flowers branching from her back. In the right photo, the model wears a beige, woven dress with a large bow on the front.

Haute couture touched by Spanish roots at Paris Fashion Week

In Juana Martín’s “La Rosée” collection, a floral theme blends with the latest trends of the season.
Nicola Verani, Contributing Writer January 29, 2024

PARIS - At Juana Martín’s haute couture Fall/Winter 2024 show, guests entered underneath the infamous inverted pyramid in the Carrousel du Louvre carousel. The catwalk in the...

A collage of three photographs. The left model wears a large hoodie and baggy ripped jeans. The middle model wears a black, pink and green blazer and pants, a leather choker and a fluffy hat. The right model wears a black jacket and full body jumpsuit with a deer print.

Kidill brings punk and nostalgia to Paris Fashion Week

Designer Hiroaki Sueyasu pays homage to '70s fashion and punk in his Fall/Winter 2024 collection.
Makayla Brown, Contributing Writer January 29, 2024

PARIS - Kidill opened Fall/Winter 2024 Paris Fashion Week with a teenager’s punk fantasy. The brand seeks to revive the British punk scene and the ‘70s fashion movement and...

An illustration of an arm with a small pink and gold watch on its wrist on a brown gradient background.

It’s time to start wearing a watch

Yes, you can just check your phone for the time. But a watch is way cuter.
Juliana Guarracino, Culture Editor January 29, 2024

If I’m ever running late for a morning class and not feeling confident in my outfit, there’s no clothing crisis that some accessories can’t solve. Throwing on some last-minute...

An illustration of two long brown coats, one long green coat, one long black coat and one short black coat scattered on a blue background.

The trendiest winter coats to brace New York City winter

With these trendy coats, you can conquer the New York City cold in style.
Chinara Dorancy, Contributing Writer January 25, 2024

As this semester welcomes you to New York City’s unbearably freezing weather, it might be a challenge to decide what coat will guarantee ultimate warmth. Whether you’re running...

A woman in a black shirt wearing multiple necklaces looking down as she places her hand down. She is looking towards another hand sitting on the table under a white device emitting purple light.

Small spaces, big ideas: Running small businesses from NYU dorms

From a fresh set of braids to custom nails, these dorm-preneurs offer affordable beauty services to students on campus.
Noor Maahin, Contributing Writer December 11, 2023

At a time when it’s increasingly difficult to find affordable beauty services around Manhattan, students running small businesses from their dorms are filling that void for us....

(Illustration by Samantha Esmé Williams)

Beauty in a bowl: Crafting your own luxurious face and hair treatments

Finding a good hair and skin care routine is hard, especially for college students trying to save money — so here are some easy DIY beauty recipes to help you flourish.
Noor Maahin, Contributing Writer December 11, 2023

With the stress of college — where late-night study sessions and budget constraints matter most — finding the perfect hair and skin care routine can feel like an impossible...

A collage of four pairs of different outfits on brown, pink, green and blue backgrounds.

Serve up style with these Thanksgiving outfits

Here are some easy but elevated looks to ensure you can relax in style over the break.
Brianna Ly, Contributing Writer November 21, 2023

I love Thanksgiving dinners, not just for the excuse to drink apple cider, eat pumpkin pie and devour as many servings of stuffing as I want, but also to prove that I’m obviously...