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An illustration of the silhouettes of three NYU Campus Safety officers, standing with the hands clasped in front of their bodies. None of their faces have been drawn.

Inside NYU’s troubled Campus Safety department

Abby Wilson and Maria Freyre May 17, 2022
NYU Campus Safety officers speak out about their frustrations toward their leadership, and how an accreditation system and the university’s COVID-19 protocols have impacted their work.
An illustration of a cell phone on a yellow background. Text bubbles are featured on the screen.

The yasses and flops of Grindr, as told by its NYU users

NYU students share their experiences with looking for fun and more on the Grindr app.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault. Whether you’re using it to find love, lust or some much-needed validation, dating apps are a quintessential part of...

A yellow bag, rolling papers, an orange lighter, a dollar bill, and a small green grinder on top of a red bag.

Ranked: Quintessential NYU experiences

Because they do exist!
Joey Hung and Sabrina Choudhary May 2, 2022

Our Managing Editor, Trace Miller, did not believe we could make a list of quintessential NYU experiences  — he’s a philosophy bro. We’ll leave it for you to decide. 12....

Will Wood wants to be authentic, whatever it takes

Avant-pop musician Will Wood talked with WSN about the perils of social media, his upcoming album, “In Case I Make It,” and how his mental health has shaped his music.
Caitlin Hsu, UTA Publishing Editor April 29, 2022

Songwriting inspiration can come from odd places — even from trapping and poisoning a mouse in one’s kitchen. When musician and artist Will Wood first found the creature last...

A black, brown and white-furred dog is looking at the camera laying down on green grass next to a golden retriever standing while also looking at the camera.

Playing pays: An inside look at how NYU students make money walking dogs

Some NYU students find dog walking to be the perfect side job as they tackle the rising costs of city living.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

Part-time jobs are plentiful in New York City, from the endless cafes and shops in Greenwich Village to on-campus employment at NYU. But if being an office assistant or working...

A purple uniform patch with the logo of the NYU Department of Public Safety on the shoulder of a Public Safety Officer.

Guest Essay: Campus Safety dept. ‘a ship without a captain,’ officer says

An officer describes arrogant, disrespectful leadership and low morale among staff in NYU’s Department of Campus Safety.
an anonymous Campus Safety officer, Guest Contributor April 25, 2022

The author is an NYU Campus Safety officer. Their identity has been verified by WSN. As a longtime employee of the Department of Campus Safety, I am disheartened to see what...

The ceiling of Bobst Library atrium overlaid with a picture of the Empire State Building.

New York cannot be the city of your dreams

Millions flock to New York every year to witness one of the greatest cities in the world — and perhaps be a part of it. Idealism for New York might have gotten you here, but you need to abandon it to move on.
Sam Tu, Photo Editor April 23, 2022

Skirting the Screener: How students fake NYU’s COVID pass

Skirting the Screener: How students fake NYU’s COVID pass

Jae Jin, Staff Writer April 21, 2022
Frustrated with the Daily Screener, students are finding ways to avoid completing it.

Off-Third: Stop gerrymandering, Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies’ delivery map is out of control. We need to establish order… for our dessert orders.
Sabrina Choudhary, Deputy Managing Editor April 5, 2022

Gerrymandering is a hot topic right now as states conduct redistricting exercises to correspond with the 2020 U.S. census. The fight to protect voting rights is crucial and deserves...

Bright red-and-white decorations hang from a tree with a very thick patch of branches. The bramble is in front of an evergreen tree.

Chestita Baba Marta: The monthlong welcoming of Grandmother March

The Bulgarian holiday signifies the coming of springtime.
Jules Roscoe, Deputy Opinion Editor March 31, 2022

March brings a lot of things. We watch the snow give way to budding tree branches, get buffeted by the cold wind tunnels between tall buildings, and, this year, even got somewhat...

An image of Bobst Library looking down on the ground-floor atrium. On each level, metal screens run from the floor to the ceiling.

Bobst Library’s enduring history of suicide

Alyssa Goldberg, Features Staff March 7, 2022
How a string of student deaths in the early 2000s shaped NYU’s architecture, curriculum and mental health services.
Started by a trio of former roommates in April 2021, the NYU-centered meme page NYU Affirmations is an integral part of the student experience. (Image courtesy of NYU Affirmations)

Q&A with NYU Affirmations, ‘a meme account for haters’

A conversation with the anonymous co-owners of @nyuaffirmations Instagram page.
Joyce Li, Contributing Writer February 3, 2022

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past eight months, you’re probably familiar with NYU Affirmations. After making its debut on the roster of NYU meme pages in April 2021,...