Editor’s Note: The end of the semester

Top stories on NYU’s med school, the Rubin intruder and abortion rights, plus some bird-related thoughts on spring transitions.

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Editor's Note

May 7, 2022
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Hi everyone!

It’s almost the end of the semester, it’s the end of WSN’s production calendar, and it’s the end of my term as Editor-in-Chief — but it’s also the start of so many things. Spring, another EIC’s term, and for graduating seniors, a new chapter. Wherever you are in your academic, professional or personal life, congratulations on making it to another springtime.

If you’re in the city, come see us at NYU’s Grad Alley event on Tuesday, May 17. Our tent will be at the southeast corner of Washington Square Park from 4 to 8 p.m. — come say hi and pick up a special mini print issue!

For the final Editor's Note of the semester, here are the week's top stories.
This week's top picks.
Texts reading "While You Were Here '22" around grainy purple-tinted images of the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Square Arch, and an NYU banner.
Design by Charitssa Stone and Susan Behrends Valenzuela.
While You Were Here
The 2022 edition of While You Were Here, our end-of-academic-year special issue, is out now from WSN’s Under the Arch magazine. Read about student-athletes’ thoughts on graduating, seniors going into careers they didn’t plan on, and “Why NYU” essays revisited four years later. (You can also read the PDF version.)

Sabatini out of consideration
Former MIT professor David Sabatini will not be joining NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine, Grossman executives announced on Tuesday. Sabatini and the med school had faced significant backlash after news broke that it was considering hiring the biologist despite his history of sexual misconduct.

The previous day, WSN’s Abby Wilson reported on an official NYU Langone Twitter account used for the sole purpose of responding to criticism of Sabatini, and our Editorial Board called on the med school to cease considering him.

Previously from WSN on Sabatini: NYU’s president had “strongly advised” against hiring him, students and staff walked out in protest, and Grossman administrators sought to discredit the allegations against him in a closed Zoom forum.
The alleged intruder in an NYU lounge. He has light skin and glasses, and is wearing a green baseball cap backwards. He is also wearing an orange jacket under a dark gray coat.
The man who trespassed in the Rubin Hall dorm has been identified as Ahmed Mabrouk. (Image courtesy of Nicola Verani)
More university news
A police report filed by NYU named Ahmed Mabrouk as the intruder who entered Rubin Hall in April, staying overnight multiple times and interacting with residents. Mabrouk was described as a former student and a known perpetrator.

Ukrainian and Russian NYU students and alums have been displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We spoke with an alum who left Kyiv for another Ukrainian city, a Ph.D. student forced to leave Russia after protesting against the war, an administrator at a Kyiv university, and a Tandon grad student living in Kyiv.

Demonstrators at Foley Square and Washington Square Park protested the Supreme Court’s apparent forthcoming decision that would rescind protections on abortion rights.

The citywide COVID-19 lockdown left students at NYU Shanghai confined to their dorms with limited access to food and menstrual products.

An anonymously created spreadsheet describing misconduct by male students circulated within the Tisch School of the Arts, prompting a response from administrators.
An illustration of a cell phone on a yellow background. Text bubbles are featured on the screen.
Grindr offers love, lust, validation or a mix of all three. (Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)
Arts and culture
Not just a hookup app, Grindr is a form of queer community for these NYU students — for better or worse, Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong writes. Here are their tips on how to get the most out of the app while staying safe.

The Ranked series returned earlier this week to rate the quintessential NYU student experiences. (Joey and Sabrina also ranked their own Ranked articles.)

Don’t stay stuck on that person who just doesn’t like you back. Ava Duchin offers five tips for getting over unrequited love.

It’s a mad multiverse out there. Gillian Blum breaks down the twists and turns of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

AMERINDA’s production of “The Trojan Women” is a must-see Indigenous-focused retelling of Euripedes’ tragedy, Sabrina Choudhary writes.
People hold signs at an abortion rights protest at Barclays Center. Signs read "Codify Roe v. Wade," "Fuck this," and "It's not just abortion: Right to privacy equals gay marriage, gay sex, contraception and interracial marriage."
The leaked Supreme Court draft has reignited the debate over abortion. (Staff Photo by Sam Tu)
Opinions, perspectives, interviews
With Roe v. Wade likely to be overturned, it’s local abortion funds — not national organizations — that need your help the most, Srishti Bungle writes.

Mayor Eric Adams is waging a war on unhoused New Yorkers. From Steph Wittstruck, here’s how NYU students can help fight back.

There’s usually a hat on Max Tiefer. Here’s Max Tiefer on hats.

Some WSN Q&A’s from the past week:
Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman: riot grrrl culture, past and present.
Bratmobile’s Molly Neuman: the sonic politics of riot grrrl.
Filmmaker Gaspar Noé: “Being in this world is dealing with death.”
The Front Bottoms’ Brian Sella: time, place, live music and returning to New Jersey.
World traveler Lexie Alford: setting records and seeing the world.
On new paths
A Blue-headed Vireo, a smallish songbird, looks up and to the left. It has a blue-gray head with a white ring around the eye and on the bridge of the "nose." Its body is varied shades of olive-green, with a paler yellow-green belly.
A Blue-headed Vireo in Prospect Park on Tuesday. (Photo by Alex Tey.)
At the beginning of this semester, I wrote about transitions in my introductory Letter from the Editor. I’m fairly familiar with the concept of transitions, but the Editor-in-Chief role was a new one for me. Now, I’m transitioning out of it, and it’s almost as daunting.

If you’re graduating this semester, you’re probably facing a much more intimidating transition, leaving behind 17 or so years of being a student. Whether you’re going to grad school, seeking a job or something else, it’s going to be different now.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently watching the migrating birds in city parks as they return from their wintering grounds, and thinking about how a lot of them don’t really know where they’re going either. For birds who hatched last year, this is their first time migrating back up north — they’ve never gone this way before.

But while the route is unfamiliar, they’re not flying blind. They’re guided by instinct, mysterious interactions of magnetism and biology, that give them some irresistible urge to go in a certain direction even if they’re not quite sure where they’re headed.

Your internal compass might not be so literal as a bird’s, but I think there are some valuable similarities between your paths. There is some conviction within you that there is something you must do (you wouldn’t be in this position in the first place otherwise) — the only uncertainty, although it is a big one, is where exactly that conviction will take you. In a state of transience, in uncertain times or unfamiliar lands, there is something within pushing you on.

Think of those birds in this time. Trust your instincts; they got you this far.

You can find me on Twitter at @teythemtheirs, and you can contact me at [email protected] (the “editor” address will be transferred to Arnav, our next Editor-in-Chief). You’ll hear from us throughout the summer, and we’ll return properly at the start of the fall semester.

Thanks for reading Editor’s Note, and thanks for reading WSN.

—the editor
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