Acid Dad Premiere New Music on Live TV

Acid Dad, a band consisting solely of NYU alumni, performed last week on their first live TV show, The Special.

NYU psych punk band Acid Dad, whose members are taking time off from school to tour, were musical guests last week on “The Special,” a public access variety show. In this week’s episode, which premiered live on Feb. 24, host Steve Whalen gave a satirical seminar on how to be funny. Between jokes, Acid Dad performed two brand new songs for the small studio audience, giving fans a glimpse into the band’s promising future before they head on tour and to South by Southwest this year.

Though it was Acid Dad’s first time performing on a live TV show, they seemed to handle the experience with ease. Between performances, the band members sat in the audience and watched the show, laughing along as Whalen embarked on a painfully awkward interview with comedian Aparna Nancherla.

The band opened with “Get Off the Wall (Feel It)”, an upbeat, guitar-heavy track sung by Vaughn Hunt that had audience members bobbing their heads. During bassist Sean Fahey’s melodic solo, Hunt and fellow guitarist/vocalist Danny Gomez danced around onstage. In a short interview with host Whalen after their first song, Acid Dad discussed their new EP “Let’s Plan A Robbery,” released on Feb. 26. A few words they used to describe the EP were spontaneous, bipolar and black & white. They also promoted their upcoming three-month tour, which began that Sunday with a show in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Regarding the tour, which will be their first, the band members expressed their excitement for working with other bands, seeing the country and, of course, Waffle House. The same can be said of their new tracks, which play with the soft/loud dichotomy that is characteristic of alternative rock while staying true to the psych-punk sound that Acid Dad is known for.


When asked about their feelings towards the live show, the band was enthusiastic about the experience; the word “dope” was thrown around more than once. Vocalist and guitarist Vaughn Hunt said of the show: “every time we play, it’s always a good vibe.”

When it was time to take the stage again, Hunt turned the microphone over to Gomez for “Native Sun.” The track drifted in between mellow, My Bloody Valentine-esque lulls and energetic, drum-heavy sequences. During the song, lights cast the stage in purple and blue hues, while a fog machine surrounded the instruments in smoke.

With a tour starting out, a new EP released and new music already recorded, 2016 could be the year that Acid Dad breaks out of the local music scene and gains national recognition.

When asked them if they miss being in school, they gave an instant chorus of no’s. It’s hard to make class look appealing when you’re about to play South by Southwest.

Watch our interview with Acid Dad here.

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