Brew It Yourself: Fueling Your Caffeine Addiction

Making a delicious Caramel Café Misto from your dorm room is easy with these simple steps.

Tired of being tired? You’re not alone. Many busy college students take advantage of coffee’s sweet embrace to get through their work. But buying your morning (and perhaps afternoon) cup of joe can take a toll on your wallet if you’re purchasing it every single day.

Well, you’re in luck, as you can learn to brew it yourself in this guide to coffee that won’t contribute to your ever-growing debt.

Coffee seems like a pretty simple thing. Add some water, add some beans and you’re good to go, right? But the mystery of coffee comes from this one truth: it almost always tastes better when you’re not the one making it. However, this unfortunate reality can be bested by a bit of preparation and a small investment in your caffeine-addicted future.

First, identify what drinks you like: if you’re more of a black coffee fan, you will need less equipment than the quad-venti-extra-caramel-drizzle-mocha-macchiato orderer. Regardless of how you take your coffee, though, a French press is a solid investment–they’re cheap, too. A French press is a coffee pot at its most basic form: a glass cylinder with a strainer. You can use it to make cold-brew coffee, hot coffee or half of a misto, also known as the cafe au lait. Additionally, all coffee fans should have a milk steamer of some sort to spice up their drinks. If you are a fan of the sweeter drinks, all of the syrups at Starbucks are available for purchase and there are also many cheap alternatives available on Amazon.


Second, find some recipes and explore the possibilities! Below is a delicious recipe that is part-coffee, part-sugar and part-latte that you can make with the simple ingredients described above.

Caramel Café Misto

Pour hot water into your French press to heat it up. This is essential for getting a crisp tasting and fully extracted cup.

Pick out your favorite whole bean coffee and grind two large tablespoons for every six ounces of water you will be using. You should grind the beans until they have the consistency of breadcrumbs. Make sure you don’t make it too fine. If you don’t have a grinder, ask your local barista for a French press level grind.

Pour out the warm water from your French press and add the ground coffee. Fill the French press with boiling hot water and place the top on. Do NOT press the plunger yet. Wait four minutes and then press the plunger down. This separates the grounds from the coffee.

While you are waiting, you can steam your milk. The majority of milk steamers simply require you to pour the milk in and press a button. Add caramel syrup to the bottom of your chosen cup or mug. Finally, pour the coffee and add the steamed milk. 

Enjoy with a friend or while alone and surrounded by homework in Bobst — your choice.

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