Katya Leonovich Spring/Summer 2015

By Madison Reis and Bryna Shuman

A pioneer and innovator, Katya Leonovich made history in the fashion world. While always known for her futuristic and out-of-the-box style, Leonovich’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection rocketed fashion into a new era with the aid of 3D printing. Her designs strut down the runway with an architectural structure yet subtle ease, courtesy only of this new-age fabric. While 3D-printing has been used in medicine, cars, and even shoes, it has never before been seen so completely on the runway.

A classic piece in a futuristic world, one of the stand out pieces of the evening was a simple floor length silhouette, halter neck, high slit – a piece we’ve all seen before. Yet while the printed fabric has a solid, mesh-like structure, the gown managed to flow with the ease and whimsy of chiffon, and the intricate 3D-printed detailing at the waistband, like coral from an alien planet, gave the piece a modern take sure to be seen on red carpets throughout the year.

In contrast to the classic gowns, the line’s summer nature shone through in a grey metallic swimsuit that was chic yet sexy. The banded torso created cutouts in all the right places, keeping a futuristic theme while never crossing the line into tastelessness. In fact, it held an alluring quality that had the audience talking about it the moment the lights came up.

Backstage was abuzz after the show as everyone eagerly attempted to get a closer look at the clothes that had almost seemed like optical runway illusions.

When called a pioneer, Leonovich commented on the innovation of her collection.

“I think it will change the choice of materials, the embellishments, [and] the construction. I have chills,” Leonovich said.

It seems the rest of the audience did, too. Dressed in one of Leonovich’s creations, Bravo TV star and co-creator of “The Lipstick Junkies” Africa Miranda thought the new collection was a “great mix of hard and soft.”

“You can tell she is the next,” Miranda said. “I want that! I want that! Can [the models] come around again?”

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