New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An illustration of a cell phone on a yellow background. Text bubbles are featured on the screen.

The yasses and flops of Grindr, as told by its NYU users

NYU students share their experiences with looking for fun and more on the Grindr app.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault. Whether you’re using it to find love, lust or some much-needed validation, dating apps are a quintessential part of...

An illustration of two people facing away from one another. One person is on the floor sitting on the shadow of the other person. The shadow and the person on the floor are holding onto the same bouquet of flowers.

5 ways to cope with unrequited love

Here’s some tips to get over that person who doesn’t feel the same way as you do, so you can make the most of hot girl summer.
Ava Duchin, Contributing Writer May 3, 2022

There is a new warmth in the air. As the trees begin to bud again, summer flings and new relationships are also blooming. I see countless couples, doe-eyed and hands interlocked,...

Mandala-style wooden blinds decorated with floral designs and short notes in the foreground and a poster saying “Grief Garden” in the background.

Reflecting on life and love at the ‘Grief Garden’

Artist-in-Residence Khaty Xiong’s poetry installation at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute offers those grieving a place of solace and comfort.
Sunny Sequeira, UTA Staff Editor April 29, 2022

Grief arrives differently for everyone. It’s sometimes expected, other times sudden, but never without impact. Whether it strikes, constricts or swallows, loss produces all-consuming...

An illustration of the cover of “Love by Maayan Eitan. A kiss mark is on a beige background.

Review: Maayan Eitan’s ‘Love’ is an exploration of life under the male gaze

The Israeli literary sensation’s debut novella was recently translated into English. 
Stephanie Wong, Staff Writer April 12, 2022

Maayan Eitan is a bold new voice in contemporary literature and a writer and translator based in Tel Aviv. Her debut novella, “Love,” is told from the perspective of Libby,...

A Taiwanese woman dressed in formal attire is holding a phone as she lies down on an uncovered mattress.

Review: ‘Vive L’Amour’ chillingly conveys the ennui of the everyday

The new 2K restoration of Tsai Ming-liang’s second feature-length film “Vive L’Amour” is currently playing at Metrograph. The film follows three lovelorn denizens of Taipei unknowingly sharing the same vacant apartment to escape their daily grind.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor March 22, 2022

The films of Taiwanese slow cinema pioneer Tsai Ming-liang capture so rigidly the minute motions of the everyday that they border on absurdism. His second film, “Vive L’Amour,”...

Julie and Anthony sit at a table waiting for food. Anthony has his head in his hands and is holding a cigarette. Next to the table is an ice chest with an unopened wine bottle.

‘The Souvenir’ duology reflects on the irrationality of first love

In “The Souvenir: Part II,” Joanna Hogg draws from her first love and experiences as a film student to bring the story of her fictional counterpart to a poignant conclusion. “The Souvenir” and “The Souvenir: Part II” are available on VOD.
Brandon Kiziloz, Contributing Writer March 9, 2022

In his novel “Kafka on the Shore,” Haruki Murakami writes that in love, "we each look for missing pieces of ourselves." Like stepping into an old room of memories, love can...

As lovers celebrate their romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to enjoy a heartbreaking breakup album. (Staff Illustration by Aaliya Luthra)

This Valentine’s Day, listen to a breakup album

If you’re bitter about being alone on Valentine’s Day, check out the breakup albums we rounded up so you didn’t have to.

We’ve all been there — as Feb. 14 approaches, it seems impossible to escape anything red, pink or heart-shaped. If you’re single, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something...

(Staff Illustration by Bridget Harshman)

Spread love and share opinions: What NYU students love on Valentine’s Day

We asked NYU students for their thoughts on all things Valentine’s Day, from flower preferences to public displays of affection. Here are their answers.
Sydney Barragan, Under The Arch Publishing Editor February 14, 2022

Chocolate or flowers? Chocolate: 48.4% Flowers: 51.6%  Good news for the local florists in the Village — NYU students are in the market for flowers this year. It’s...

The holidays can be expensive. Here are some items that are worth the hefty price tag. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Sometimes, expensive gifts… are better

If you’re at NYU, there’s a decent chance that you know some rich people who helped get you here. Here are expensive gifts that are actually worth the money that you can ask them for.
Alexandra Chan, Alex Tey and Alex Tran December 10, 2021

As winter break approaches, here’s a holiday gift guide to help you to take advantage of the rich people in your life. When they ask how to ease their conscience, you can answer...

Fourplay is a new dating app designed to match duos on double dates. The app’s group focus changes the dynamic of dates. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

I tried Fourplay… and liked it

Like all dating apps in New York City, the women are hot and the men are — well, men.
Anyu Ching, Contributing Writer October 20, 2021

As I sat swiping through the Fourplay app for the first time on a Saturday night, the only thing that ran through my head was Jordan Scott’s infamous “I ain’t ever seen two...

Justin Biebers has released a new album. Justice is Biebers sixth studio album and shows a unique vulnerability of the artist. (Staff Illustration by Debbie Alalade)

Justin Bieber demonstrates love and healing In ‘Justice’

In his sixth studio album, Justin Bieber is courageously vulnerable.
Maya Mehrara, Staff Writer March 31, 2021

Justin Bieber has finally found himself. “Justice,” Bieber’s newest album, acts as a vessel for the artist to express his idea of what love means — a theme that has followed...

Several NYU couples choose to live together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Couples have had to make adjustments to their living situations, such as rearranging furniture and making lifestyle changes. (Staff Illustration by Charlie Dodge)

Moving in Together During a Pandemic: Why Now?

NYU couples tell stories of how COVID-19 impacted their relationship — including why it made them decide to live together.
Addison Aloian, Deputy Culture Editor September 21, 2020

Attending college brings about new responsibilities for some, such as officially moving out of childhood homes, no longer living with parents and maybe even cooking for ourselves...