Staff Rants: First day of classes

Welcome, or welcome back! WSN staff shares our thoughts and feelings about the start of the semester.

On Thursday:

NYU feels very comfortable disrupting the traditional week by starting classes on a Thursday — and not only a regular Thursday, but a Thursday before a long weekend. So many of us don’t have Friday classes, so why have one day of back to school before a four-day break? Just start on Tuesday! But then again, NYU has never made it easy for us. 

— Alexandra Cohen, Opinion Editor

On familiar fatigue:

I’m still tired

— Kristian Burt, Deputy Managing Editor 

On schedules:

My schedule is terrible. I blame myself.

— Carmo Moniz, Deputy News Editor

On success stories:

I can’t believe I won the lottery — or at least what I think is my version of the jackpot. I waited more than four months to see if I would be one of the hundreds of journalism students to enroll in a 15-person seminar, and it felt like an eternity until I received that email from Albert. I read the “NOTICE OF CHANGE IN COURSE SCHEDULE” subject line in my email and jumped up with excitement because there was no other way to fit any other course into my schedule on top of an internship and working for WSN this semester. With all that being said, I am now excited for the first day of classes because I get to learn more about journalism and meet new people, but I am a bit anxious about how I will manage to juggle everything on my plate. I guess my time management skills will be put to the test. 

— Edward Franco, Video Director

On class-related emails:

I got my first class-related email on Monday, August 29, at 3:06 p.m. It was a class cancellation email. A friend of mine, who takes organic chemistry, got his first class-related email in early August, with the syllabus and late work policy attached. Could we please just agree on when to send class-related emails? And about what? We need regulations on this. Also, why would you cancel a class for the first week if we have Monday off for Labor Day? Alexandra is right. 

— Jules Roscoe, Opinion Editor

On class cancellations:

At 6 p.m., two days before classes start, I get an email announcing what would have been my favorite class this semester is getting canceled due to low enrollment. The chaos that ensued was literally an entire night and afternoon dropping classes, digging through Albert trying to find anything that was open and adding random electives. My schedule looks completely different now because I had to swap out like three classes, so thanks NYU. Maybe don’t send class cancellation emails two days before they’re supposed to start.

— Lorraine Olaya, Deputy Managing Editor

On textbooks:

I already pay way too much to be here, and now I have to spend more on textbooks? And I can’t even get them second-hand or through ~alternative~ means because of digital access codes. My bank account is in tears.

— Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor

On hopeful expectations:

They finally renovated Weinstein. Let’s see how long it will last.

— Kevin Wu, Photo Editor

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