Maximizing Your Study Away Experience

The words “the city is your campus” were heard over and over at the Fall 2017 Presidential Welcome. This sentiment has become both a boast and a consolation for NYU students in New York...

Czeching out of Prague for the Weekend

How to Czech out of Prague: from free school trips to cheap airline tricks.

What NYU Should Tell Accra-Bound Students

NYU should lay out more explicit guidelines for students hoping to study in Accra.

Immersed in Spanish Culture at NYU Madrid

From the perspective of someone currently studying at NYU Madrid: the benefits of exploring your home-away site.

Sometimes Food Is All You Need to Travel

Forget the plane tickets and carry-on luggage. All you need is a warm plate of French-style sausage and potatoes.

A Day in the Life: Accra

A student describes her typical day at NYU Accra, the smallest NYU study abroad site with only eight undergraduate students.

What It’s Like to Protest the Far Right in Germany

An NYU Berlin student attends the "Indivisible" protest in Berlin, a demonstration against the rise of the far-right across Europe.

Swapping New York For Buenos Aires

After bearing through the 11-hour flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport, I landed in Ezeiza International Airport in the city of Buenos Aires. Unaccustomed to the Argentinian-Spanish accent that surrounded me at the...

Retaining Faith While Abroad

When SPS sophomore Arik Rosenstein was considering where to study abroad this fall, he knew two things: he wanted to understand how soccer influences the lives of people in another country and he wanted...

London Is Not the New York of Europe

Before making the journey to study abroad in London, I imagined it as simply a bigger, older New York City. But it didn't take me long after arriving there to realize how distinct the...

Building That Home Away From Home

I’m learning as much about myself here as I am about Italy. I used to think that I was so independent; I didn’t need anyone. I was always happy no matter where I was...

Big Apple vs. Small Shanghai

As my third week at NYU Shanghai approaches, I’m thankful to have finally settled into a routine, familiarized myself with the best eats nearby and stopped getting lost around campus. NYU Shanghai consists of...