Staff Response: Time is Ticking

Washington Square News Staff

EDITORS’ NOTE: Washington Square News deeply apologizes to Dean Gabrielle Starr for any misrepresentation or harm this may have caused her. Putting her as the subject of the cartoon misconstrued its meaning and is not fair to her.

Dear reader:

We stand by our political cartoon Time is Ticking, which was published on Monday both in print and online. Our opinion section is simply that — an area where perspectives that permeate NYU are published. Any opinion within the community is a valid one, and any interpretation of an opinion is also valid, such as Mr. Fred Schwarzbach’s and Mr. John Beckman’s letters.

The cartoon is not a house editorial piece and is not published under the news section. People are entitled to their own opinions, and ours is not — and never was — that Dean Gabrielle Starr is a token appointment. That was not the point of the cartoon, although people can perceive the image however they wish.


              The Washington Square News Staff

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