General Idea S/S 2017

Tatiana Perez

General Idea moved away from its usual darker palette this season, showing off some lighter whites and beiges made more appropriate for spring and summer. The brand’s designer, Bumsuk Choi, continued to experiment with cuts and proportions through the collection’s showcase of oversized coats and bombers paired with baggy shorts or almost-too-big pants.

Choi added suitcases to the runway walk this season, choosing different looks to be accompanied by rolling luggage. The aesthetic of the suitcase — metallic, oversized, and geometrically cut — could easily be a microcosmic example of the brand’s general look. While Choi has definitely created an individual look for the brand in the fashion world, it is hard to imagine the clothes as wearable or practical. While the clothing seems more “ready-to-wear” than last season, the brand still stands as one that I could not imagine on the streets.


In conclusion, I enjoyed Choi’s small stride toward making General Idea more practical, but overall the brand’s clothes still truly stand as a “general idea” for men’s fashion.

Tatiana Perez is the Video Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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