Exposure | New York City: Day to Night

By Renee Yang, Deputy Photo Editor

As a freshman coming from a small suburb in Massachusetts, moving to New York City has been the most drastic life change yet. Before starting school, I didn’t know if I could get used to such a hectic lifestyle, and I wasn’t sure how long it would take for me to fall in love with the city. Luckily, over the first couple of weeks, my best friend and I did the ultimate tourist-y activities by visiting Governor’s Island, the Freedom Tower, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Since my dad is a photographer, I don’t take pictures when I’m traveling with him- I can just look at his photos if I ever need to! This time, however, was my first taste of going sightseeing on my own and shooting breathtaking views. The memories of walking around with one of my dad’s old professional cameras always reminds me of the lessons he has taught me. Of course, there will be many more adventures within these next four years at NYU.

The three landmarks photographed are iconic, and when put together, show the uniqueness of NYC from day to night. By day, it’s a “concrete jungle” full of people. By night, the skyline turns into something of its own; perhaps even a just as special replacement for a sky-filled night.