Alternate Fashion Careers for the Next Generation



For students who want to integrate themselves into the fashion industry, many fashion magazines, like Paper Magazine, offer internships in a variety of different departments.

Sherah Ndjongo, Contributing Writer

If there is one word that can aptly describe the fashion industry, it’s expansive. There are a magnitude of opportunities available in fashion no matter where your interest lies. There will always be something new to discover, to learn about and to consider for a career. But if you’ve ever expressed interest in working in the field of fashion, chances are you’ve probably heard the same things over and over again. “Do you want to become a fashion designer? Have you explored merchandising? What about styling? Modeling? Fashion journalism seems like something you’ll excel at!” While these exciting and popular fashion careers are certainly worthy of consideration, they sure aren’t the only ones in existence. If you’re in need of a refreshing list of up-and-coming jobs in the fashion industry that aren’t always given their fair share of time in the spotlight, you’re in luck. These rising fashion careers are definitely meant to be on your radar.

Digital Strategy

If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in marketing or secure an exhilarating position in which each new day brings a different mission, pursuing a career as a digital strategist is something you may want to consider. Responsibilities include analyzing fashion trends, playing an active role in media planning and overseeing the execution of plans to reach a brand’s overall objectives. Excelling in setting trends in the digital sector is an important part of being a digital strategist, a combination that is often sought out by many luxury retailers.

Fashion Law

Fashion and law may appear to be an unlikely combination, but when these two polar opposites go hand-in-hand, they can be easily fused into an intriguing one. As an extremely narrow field, fashion law is proving its growing demand. Prominent clients are seeking out specially trained lawyers to navigate and apply the legal process to details unique in the fashion industry. Fashion lawyers, who are often sought out by a diverse group of clients ranging from large retailers to newly formed startups, are in charge of negotiating contracts and addressing copyright issues, to name a few tasks.

Integrated Marketing

Each fashion company has something that sets it apart, and they need people who can show it to their consumers.This is achieved by using the multi-dimensional, unifying and easy-to-follow marketing strategy. Integrated marketing is also a great fit for those who want to go into public relations, advertising, social media management or branding.

Fashion Tech  

While the term “fashion tech” is generally broad, it typically serves as an umbrella for numerous options. If coming up with ideas involving fashion-focused technology or identifying potential partnerships and eventually developing your own startup seem to spark your interest, the fashion tech sector is one to explore. Also, if you thrive in fast-paced environments or excel at addressing urgent technical issues, fashion tech is something you should take the time to research.

No matter what you want to do in the fashion industry, just remember to always keep an open mind. As we all should be reminded, fashion is about being about to express yourself in the most authentic and comfortable way possible, which means putting your interests first.

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