Desigual Spring/Summer 17

To the beat of a heavy bass, Desigual’s Spring/Summer 2017 line portrays the Global Traveller; a woman whose spirit travels around the world, taking in cultures and countries. She lives somewhere between the digital realm and the real world, exploring her freedom virtually and physically. This global inspiration was evident in the line, from macrame accents and embroidery to Indian-inspired patterns.

Many pieces were military inspired and embellished with beaded flora and fauna. Known for prints and patterns, the boldest was a multicolored stripe that found its way into many looks, from a top and bottom duo, to skirts and sweaters. It was one of the more tasteful patterns the designers decided on for the collection and definitely the most wearable, as many of the others were very loud and difficult to style.

Although presented altogether, the pieces would have been stronger individually and styled with a simpler base. Desigual’s outspoken prints are not for everyone, they make for a brilliantly eye-catching runway that brings a full house. Nigel Barker was spotted amongst the crowd in the front row, as well as a number of Spanish celebrities eager to see the new line. And while the collection may only suit the most unique of tastes, Desigual sure knows how to put on a show.

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