Antonio Azzuolo Fall/Winter 2014

Madeleine Ball for WSN

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Where downtown chic meets clean-cut prep, Antonio Azzuolo can be found creating feminine versions for his menswear collections. Initially a men’s-only designer, Azzuolo’s travels around the world have inspired him to take a leap of faith into a new line of fashion. He claims that “today is an experience of the past” and he hopes to create more journeys of experiences for seasons to come.

The fashion scene was set as an array of indie and pop music bounced around the pale faced, white blonde models as they bobbed their head to the beat. Each sporting a different pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses, the models appeared to be enjoying themselves as they stood in a girl-boy-girl formation. In pairs they represented either the women’s or men’s version of the collection.

Azzuolo’s winter/fall collection is filled with a range of oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, trousers and blazers. The mixture of outwears provides easy access for the models to layer their garments and create a multitude of ensembles. An intricate amount of pinks and browns were used in the collection to create a pop of color that stood out from the immense amount of black and white garments.


One particular standout was a model wearing a white turtleneck which was placed beneath a black blouse under a black pea coat. The legwear choice for this particular model was a pair of trousers that appeared to have two layers to them; the lower layer was a skinny slack while the top was a baggier high rise trouser. This layered slack was used throughout many of the outfits.

As a reflection of the past, Antonio’s twist on fashion is sure to bring a new era to women’s fashion.

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