Rachel Comey Fall/Winter 2013

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As the audience entered Pier 59 Studios, a live band entertained them before the show began, which set the tone for Rachel Comey’s Fall 2013 collection. As the lights hit the runway, the alternative rock accompanied the first model that hit the catwalk in a black leather sweatshirt and perfectly tailored pants. This strong and hard look was the beginning of Rachel Comey’s Fall 2013 collection that featured denim and leather pieces.

The winning piece of the show was a leopard-print inspired, gold three-piece suit. The design offered a special and unique illusion. From far away the suit looks just like any other gold printed item, but at a closer view the fine detail of the leopard print pleasantly surprised all viewers.

The show was also reminiscent of 90’s women. Every model had a short haircut, and the pairing of the rock-and-roll leather and rugged denim spelled out Comey’s inspiration from the 90’s staple theme: grunge and edge. Rachel Comey’s resonant cuts and pairings brought the past into the future.

Starting off as a designer for menswear in 2001, Rachel Comey created this autumn collection reflecting upon her previous portfolio. A few looks from the runway show looked as if they could be unisex, including the leather pants that seemed to be the favorites of many in the audience.

Overall, Rachel Comey paired distinctive prints and textures that spoke to the past of our fashion history, but also to her own personal history.

Ryan Hamilton is a contributing writer. Email him at [email protected]