While You Were Here 2019


Here you are balancing the purple cap on your head with the help of a couple hairpins, the tassel perfectly dangles next to your hair. Four years — more or less — and you are at the end of the line. Whether you have been dreading it or looking forward to it, the end of a chapter is here. You’ve braved the L train, survived the bed bugs that infested Gram, mustered up the strength to open up the doors at Silver and won a couple rounds of Bobst musical chairs finally finding that seat on the sixth floor to survive yet another all-nighter studying for your exams. 

Raise a metaphorical glass as you think about the first night after saying bye to your parents, alone in a room waiting for your roommate to move in so you have at least one friend. Pour one out to all the Welcome Week friends you made that dropped like flies as the weeks continued. Cheers to the fake ID you gave to the bouncer who somehow let you in the bar all your friends were in, the music you turned down as an RA’s footsteps inched closer, your first interaction with a questionable character on the subway and the joy you experienced after your lips touched the white sauce of one of the Halal Guys delicious whatever over rice. Only some of the many memories you made while you were here. A lot happened, this issue is an ode to those memories, although we were only able to capture a fraction of them. Flip through the memorabilia and reminisce your time here. You f-cking made it. 

Maybe you just said goodbye to your final academic essay. Maybe you submitted your thesis. Maybe you are in the process of begging the Office of Global Services to help you get a work visa. Maybe this is only the beginning of your long line of academia. Congrats on wrapping up your journey here at NYU. We hope you take the memories, the friendships and most importantly the education you paid so much to get with you. Wherever you’re going, don’t forget what happened while you were here.