After weeks of delay, NYU opens 2021-22 housing reapplications

Applications to reside in on-campus housing were opened Wednesday, after weeks of postponement and unclear communication — or lack thereof — from the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.



Carlyle Court is located at 25 Union Square W. NYU’s 2021-22 housing reapplication process launched May 5, a day earlier than expected. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Rachel Cohen, Staff Writer

NYU’s 2021-22 housing reapplication process launched May 5, a day earlier than expected. The anticipated launch date on the housing website was changed multiple times in March and April and finally set for May 6 before the application unexpectedly opened May 5.

Returning undergraduate students had access to the application and reported being able to complete and submit it. However, some said they were not informed by university leadership that the online form was open, or that it is due on May 21.

Gallatin junior Charlie Dodge first learned about the application from another student on Twitter and passed the announcement along to her friends planning to live in NYU housing. (Dodge previously worked as WSN’s creative director.)

“On the one hand, I’m glad the information wasn’t as limited as last year, but [NYU] has already announced that everything has to be in person and everyone has to be fully vaccinated,” Dodge said. “You would think that they would have the dorm situation planned out, at least a little bit more.”

Dodge said she first had to agree to reapplication policies before filling out her housing and roommate preferences. The policies, however, said that there would not be a room selection process and that applicants were not guaranteed a specific building, room type, room rate or roommate.

“It definitely comes off like the university doesn’t want to give any guarantees because it doesn’t want to be held to those promises,” Dodge said. “If for some reason you’re put in a building you don’t want or with people you don’t want, you can’t really have anything against them because you already agreed that there is no guarantee.”

University spokesperson Shonna Keogan told WSN she believes the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services is working on finalizing the application details. The NYU Housing Portal informs students before they apply that the university will provide an update on space availability by June 25.

Incoming first-year students were required to complete their 2021-22 housing applications and submit the $1,000 housing reservation payment by May 1.

“To be clear, returning undergraduates will not select their room via the lottery but rather be administratively assigned with consideration given to preferences submitted in their application,” Keogan said.

Tisch junior Christian Corpening — who learned of the released reapplication form through Dodge — said he is hesitant to fill out the application and does not want to lock himself into any choices in case the university makes changes before releasing an official announcement.

“I’m so weary of the fact that it opened and there hasn’t been an official word because it’s because it’s a time sensitive issue — it’s concerning to me as a student,” said Corpening, who like many students and Dodge, had not received an email from the housing office. “On another level, what if the process hasn’t started yet. What if the website is live too early?”

Corpening said NYU has “jumped the gun” by announcing that next semester will be fully in person for the Fall 2021 semester without having any solidified housing plans.

“The university has set a certain expectation for a return to what campus life was like before the pandemic, especially because there are no other alternatives,” Corpening said. “It seems like for them to have announced that and mimic the same plan for this academic year feels disjointed. They’re saying one thing and responding to the moment in another way.”

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Correction: WSN stated that the housing re-application process was sent without an announcement. We now know that some students were notified about the housing process in an email. WSN regrets the error.