Staying Warm Without Staying In

How to stay warm without staying in.

When going out, all-black ensemble is a stylish go-to. (Photo by Yeho Hwang)

After enjoying the short-lived feelings of fall with the leaves changing colors and the omnipresence of everything pumpkin-spiced flavor, winter has come. It is time to say goodbye to sleeveless tops, mini-skirts and sandals. Instead, say hello to below-freezing temperatures, thick jackets, boots and sweaters.

Searching through your closet for a night-out ensemble is already a difficult feat, but an outfit that can battle this cold weather and be stylish is something everyone struggles with.

Steinhardt sophomore Theo Luterman — who parties often — tries to find the intersection between function and fashion during the winter.

I feel like you can never go wrong with a black T-shirt and I am a big fan of tucking things in,” Luterman said. “First of all, that will help keep you warm. Second of all, I think that it makes your body proportions look better.”


On a regular night out, Luterman can be found wearing an all-black ensemble and his light-material ski jacket, topping it off with his favorite hipster classic: black Dr. Martens. He proposes that any type of puffer jacket with pockets is ideal because you can place your hats or gloves inside as soon as you get to the destination.

Unlike Luterman, Stern first-year Juanita Moreno’s motto is that you choose your outfit based on the jacket. “Just work with what you got,” Moreno said. “If you know that it’s cold then you’re going to have to take the jacket, so make the outfit look good with the jacket.”

For Moreno, she spends every Friday evening trying on her entire closet to find outfits for her weeknights. She avoids repeating outfits because she believes that you are missing out on life if you do.

She takes advantage of the weather changes by wearing a skirt with tights, black, thigh-high boots and one of her go-to kinds of top: a sparkly sweater. One of her favorites that provides warmth and a flirtatious feel is a one-shoulder black sweater with a bit of gold sparkles on it. For additional warmth, she pairs it with a double-sided black coat that can act as either a bomber or fur-like jacket from Zara.  

However, there are others who are not bothered by the freezing temperatures and dislike wearing bulky outwear when they head into the night. For CAS sophomore Cindy Qiang, her alternatives are a thin, dusty rose-colored bomber jacket from Forever 21 for indoors and a white, faux sheepskin jacket for when she’s outside.

“I do want to be comfortable,” Qiang said. “I don’t want to suffer, but if I am a little bit chilly then that won’t affect me.”

While going out in the winter is already a hassle, why complicate it further by being miserable and cold? Don’t run the risk of catching a cold and then regretting your outfit choice for a week or two. That doesn’t mean that you are required to wear a thick winter jacket and snow boots, but find ways to provide yourselves with some sort of warmth. As Luterman said: “If you are going to freeze to death, then that’s no fun.”

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