Adrian Alicea Spring/Summer 2016

Grace Dixon and Teresa Wang, Contributing Writers

Adrian Alicea’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection continued to embody the fantastical and eccentric tendencies that have led his brand to grace the covers of Vogue in previous years.  On the heels of his all black Fall/Winter 2015 collection, the pieces sent down the runway exploded with exotic colors and prints, seeming to draw inspiration from a plentiful array of faraway lands.

Opening with a rather unassuming white piece, each subsequent look built onto the overall effect, effortlessly developing a crescendo of colors.  A Gaga-esque, green headdress strut down the walkway, skirts sported graffiti designs and flouncing tulle bustles turned heads. Abandoning his usual structured headgear, male models donned looser coverings reminiscent of Middle Eastern Keffiyeh’s held in place by a street-style take on the Asian hitai-ate.

In a similar vein to previous shows, black feathery lashes and stark eyeliner winged the models’ eyes. High, sleek ponytails added to the atmosphere of power created by the roughhewn and overtly sexual pieces. Alicea is not afraid to show skin, and one of the most eye-catching pieces of the show was a sheer lavender organza dress with an unlined top exposing the model’s breasts. The innocent colors brought forth the fast-paced sex appeal that dominated the show.

Tucked into the middle of the show was the namesake piece for the collection. The white blazer covered in graffiti etchings of “A Boy ‘Name’ Black”, a reference to the origins of Alicea’s name and childhood, was reflective of the narcissistic tendencies that the designer willingly embraces through his namesake brand. Through this latest installation, the street style that Alicea himself wears is combined with fantasy inspirations to create a collection that is whimsical and edgy at the same time.

Grace Dixon and Teresa Wang are contributing writers. Email them at [email protected]