Bella Hadid, Matilda Djerf, Devon Lee Carlson and basic fashion cults

Dress like your favorite internet style icon by joining one of these three cults.


Susan Behrends Valenzuela

Bella Hadid, Matilda Djerf and Devon Lee Carlson have influenced style trends. (Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Nicole Llopis-Martell Moros, Contributing Writer

You probably know at least one person who calls themselves an influencer. They might have a few thousand followers, religiously post their discount codes for obscure bikini brands, or perhaps even promote a self-tanning product that is definitely not Food and Drug Administration-approved.

While these pseudo influencers have taken over Instagram, there are only three people who I would consider to be truly influencing the masses — Bella Hadid, Matilda Djerf and Devon Lee Carlson. They have huge cult followings on social media and their outfits are worshipped like holy shrines of style. Their devotees are loyal, and each party can be easily classified from their scarves to their shoes. 

If you’re looking to join one of these cults and you’re not sure which influencer should be shaping your wardrobe, don’t fret. Let me break down the style staples you’ll need to become a cult fashion follower in no time.

The Bella Bots  

The Bella Bots mimic Hadid’s extraordinary ability to mix and match haute couture and streetwear. They can often be spotted sporting oversized track pants and vintage Jean Paul Gaultier tops, or perfectly balancing a parachute skirt, an oversized sweatshirt and skinny, high-heeled black boots. 

The lack of coordination in the Bella Bots’ outfits is exactly the look they’re going for. They’re not afraid to look like total disasters because they know that the ones who get it, get it. One day they’ll serve up a cross between a businesswoman and a GOAT sneakerhead look with pinstripe trousers, Jordans and a micro-cropped top. The next they can be seen wearing boxers, a baby tee, an oversized thrifted leather jacket and platform UGGs. Even if they are followers, the Bots still like to take risks with their makeup, often switching between a dark, smokey eye and a no-makeup look any day of the week. 

When it comes to jewelry, they mix chunky gold pieces with silver ones and colorful beads with gleaming diamonds. Their hair is often slicked back into buns or tied in pigtail braids. Patterns, colors and varying aesthetics are mixed into their outfits in contrasting cohesion. Their quirky outfit combinations are what make the Bella Bots who they are. 

The Matilda Minions

Unlike those from Despicable Me, these minions do not, by any means, wear denim overalls. They like to keep it classy, simple and tasteful. Their outfits are hardly ever extravagant. Funnily enough, Djerf — their Gru — also wears monochromatic gray outfits. 

Djerf’s minions have the ability to wear the exact same outfit as her without needing to search endlessly through Depop for similar baby tees or ’90s trousers. Instead, they just buy it off her brand Djerf Avenue

The Matilda Minions wear neutral-colored blazers and trousers with a simple, neutral tube top underneath. I cannot stress this enough — they will be wearing neutrals. During the summer, they follow the coastal granddaughter aesthetic, sporting breezy blue, long-sleeved button-downs and vintage Levi shorts. In the winter, they wear long, double-breasted black coats with some type of neutral-colored pair of pants, topped with pointed-toe kitten heels.

In essence, they are outfit repeaters. But, because they use unfailing and ageless pieces, it works time and time again.

The last staple of the Matilda Minions is the copycat version of Djerf’s astonishingly voluminous blowout. Their hair is always big, and their natural makeup is always flawless. 

The Devon Disciples

When you think of the Devon Disciples, think of mini dresses, low-waisted jeans, and Dr. Martens with white socks. The disciples are in touch with their sweet side and aren’t afraid to show it with a piece from either Lee Carlson’s collaboration with Marc Jacobs or Realisation Par. 

A cherry-patterned or floral dress paired with black leather platform loafers and white ruffle trim socks is a staple outfit in the Disciple’s closet. When they dress up for a night on the town, they’ll channel their inner prom queen with vintage midi silk dresses paired with designer heels and handbags.

Don’t forget, the Devon Disciples are huge fans of leopard print. Tops, hats, coats — you name it, they have it. In the makeup department, they tend to keep it simple, blushed and maybe a little sparkly.

The one non-negotiable? They won’t be caught dead without a Wildflower phone case; the staple item from the brand started by Lee Carlson and her sister Sydney Carlson. It doesn’t matter if it has flowers, hearts, bows or bears — if it has the silver WF emblem on the bottom right of the case, they have to have it.

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