Staff Rants: Astrology, Texting While Walking and Sidewalk Rage

Tyler Crews, Yasmin Gulec and Liv Chai

This week, our staff is feeling especially angry. Perhaps it is because Mercury went into retrograde, or maybe it is just a part of being a New Yorker.


On Mercury in Retrograde:

I am so sick of hearing about Mercury going into retrograde. Your misfortune, lack of communication skills or whatever has nothing to do with the planets. It’s a total placebo effect. If you think your life is going to suck, odds are it will probably suck. I know people who are straight up staying in and avoiding people because they believe so firmly in what they call the most unlucky thing that happens in all of astrology. If you’re constantly paranoid and over analyzing every little situation, you are only adding more stress and negativity into your life. Also, can I just add that there is no way that everyone in your zodiac has the same experiences. My roommate is a Scorpio, and I am a Scorpio, yet I can have an amazing week when her week is awful and vice versa. Can we all just relax and let the cosmos do their thing?

 Tyler Crews, Opinion Editor


On Texting and Walking:

I was walking down the street Monday morning –– the sky was blue, the sun warm. Birds were chirping, and I was walking down Lafayette at my New Yorker pace when I found myself in a chain human crash. Three people bumped into each other because a lovely lady decided to reply to her text by stopping in the middle of the street. The other bumping victim and I apologized to each other while the woman kept texting. I left the scene and continued walking. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Texting and walking is not only annoying for others but is also dangerous. This is how people get hit by bikes or in more serious cases, by cars. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, especially in a city as busy as New York. If you aren’t scared of getting hit, then you should worry about my wrath the next time you do it. Texting and walking is not something everyone can do; it requires extreme multitasking skills and awareness. Just don’t do it. There is so much to look at in New York City, and you are missing all of it by staring at your screen.

— Yasmin Gulec, Features Editor


On Sidewalk Rage:

I really don’t need more negative energy in my life. I really don’t. It’s already a stressful time trying to get anything done while having terrible depth perception, being both nearsighted and farsighted, while having astigmatism. This past Saturday, after I consumed french toast and an overpriced –– but so worth it –– bagel, this woman slammed her grocery bag on my leg and then proceeded to imitate me “dilly dallying.” I get it, slow walkers can really be frustrating. But taking it to the next level and hitting me with your grocery bag is not the way to go.

— Liv Chai, Dining Editor


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