Just In XX F/W 2018

Pooja Nayyar, Contributing Writer

Justin Yu-Ying Chou launched his new label Just In XX — separate from his main label Just In Case — during New York Fashion Week 2018 at Spring Studios. Chou’s latest collection embodied his trademark contradictory style that combines elements from western with attributes from the Eastern Asian aesthetic.

The Taiwanese designer was able to masterfully blend delicate, traditional designs with modern, New York street fashion. The collection featured classic Eastern Asian motifs, such as earthy tones and illustrations of wildlife, as well as exaggerated volumes of fabric and brightly-colored accessories.

The design and atmosphere of the entire show remained consistent with his theme of cultural fusion, incorporating both traditional and modern elements throughout the room. Traditional Taiwanese music played during the runway show and the gift bags were inked with cherry blossom trees, while the backdrop was lit in varying bright colors. The juxtaposition of the orthodox and unorthodox was seen not only in his collection, but throughout the entire experience. Many celebrities came out to see Chou’s new collection as well, including recording artist Russian Roulette, model Victoria Brito, the Accidental Icon Lyn Slater and singer Bea Miller.

Chou’s combination of sneakers and sweatshirts with intricate and dainty details creates a fresh, innovative look that will be sure to catch the eyes of young New Yorkers and fashion-lovers everywhere. The two contradicting styles perfectly complement one another and the JustInXX debut was an absolute success.


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