Marcel Ostertag S/S 2018

Caroline Zemsky, Staff Writer

Marcel Ostertag’s Spring/Summer 2018 line consisted of mixed patterns and cut outs, see-through fabrics and statement pieces.

Inspired by the notion of the interconnectedness of all people, Ostertag boldly combines styles which are not normally paired.  Exemplifying this is form fitting apparel coupled with loose and flowy sleeves, peacock prints combined with stripes and other patterns and the mere design of his peplum waisted pants.

Translucent fabric from head to toe is another recurring theme throughout the line, with models’ braless bodies confidently being shown off, defying fashion norms. Huge peace sign earrings were paired with most of the designs, and the models’ hair was down and wavy – an almost careless, yet sculpted hairdo.

The Bromley Group quoted Ostertag on its website, stating that a question the designer took into consideration while creating this collection was what he would do if he lived the day of a fly and only had 24 hours time.

Ostertag’s answer to the question manifested in multiple designs with huge sequined beetles patched onto the backside of them. Peacock patterns were also displayed throughout, contributing to the idea of a fly — or bird — living out its life for a day.

Ostertag’s representation of the initial question is excellently displayed through the designs in his collection. If one had a day to live, one would not spend it trying to fit in, playing it safe and doing nothing. In essence, his collection is not about singularity, unity, uniformity or conformity. It is about plurality, togetherness, uniqueness and diversity.

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